Bob Dylan Bootleg Series, Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge collector s Edition

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Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series, Vol 12: The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 18 CD Collector s Edition

The real and only holy grail of any Dylan fan. It gathers in one gigantic edition every notes from the studio during his electric period of 1965-1966. From the first notes of Bringing It All Back Home to the end of Blonde On Blonde. You have the privilege to listen to his thin, wild mercury sound Bob Dylan tried to create during that time. It gave birth to three albums that are still considered classics of american music and a true example of the genius of one of the most impressive songwriters of the 20th century if not the best.
This box is the number 740, which is pretty low since there are 5000 limited copies of this set. Those will be the only available. You can see the certificate of authenticity and the goodies like the 7 singles from that period including the very rare I Want You Single and its B-Side recording live at Liverpool Odeon Theatre . The stripe of the original DONT LOOK BACK picture is in there too.

But there s more You can listen to an exclusive disc of hotel tapes of that time, a lot being unknown even from the super-collectors and Dylan s dearest fans.

Finally, you will have access to Sony s download manager, which gives you the best quality to download the entire set on your computer. You can have it in MP3 s for your laptop or phone, Flac in 16/44,1 for casual listening, and obviously on Hi-res files with 24/96 quality for your high resolution system. You can have it in Flac or WAV if that suits you.

For those who follow the news about Bob Dylan, you may have heard about exciting news for those who purchased the Collector Edition regarding a possible 50th Anniversary Collection: 1965 Edition. It is now confirmed that everyone who bought a copy of the 18CD Edition will receive a download of EVERY EXISTING LIVE PERFORMANCES OF 1965. Some are from the British Tour, others are from the Electric American Tour. The track list is online and contained more than 14 complete concerts including rare performances from London, Birmingham, Boston or Berkeley. Don t miss the chance to hear it in mp3 320kbps.
A link to the track list for the 50th Anniversary Collection: Live included in the purchase .

Starting bidding price is 300 . Taxes and import fees may apply if you are outside the EU. Since the access to the download manager is possible only by mail and with passcode, I ll mail it to you with the box, following your convenience could be a hard drive, cds, usb key, etc. . I m living right now in France, so the shipment could be quite costly for the folks outside the European Union, especially considering the weight of the box 15lbs or 8kgs . So please wait and inform me of the possible destination before paying for the box.

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