Old Toronto Reggae Record Store Buyout Approx 1800 45 s And 250 300 12 sfreeship

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11 May 2016
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Scarborough Ontario
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Item Description

Approx 1800 45 s of soul and reggae from an old Toronto store that existed in the 70 s until the mid 80 s in the Jamican are of west Toronto. Also approx 300 12 s. Includes multiples of their own label. classic 70 s and 80 s material. 75 of which is reggae. majority of the records say 80 of both the soul and reggae is 70 s. FREE SHIPPING If your are from the US I can work some time of a deal. All are unplayed EX

Please check out our discogs at and make sure to click twice as i don t think it works on the first link or copy and paste the link in the address bar . Ebay Babylon business

LP to US and Canada varies but is generally 10-12

LP internationally is 18.20-22.60 depending on the country.

7 to US and Canada is 10

7 interantionally is around 1 12 depending on the country


MINT, M-, VG , VG , VG, VG-, G

MINT A perfect condition record 10 / 10

This item is either brand new stock, never played or sealed. Vinyl surfaces will be exquisite, retaining 100 luster and will be regarded as having never been played. Jacket and labels will contain zero flaws to detract from the overall appearance and construction of the record. This is my highest grading so expect only sealed or very recently opened records to meet this high standard.

M- A near perfect condition record 9 to 9.5 / 10

Vinyl surfaces will appear extremely clean and virtually flawless. Jacket will retain 99 to 100 vividness and punch with virtually zero wear to the seams, spine and jacket surface. Labels will appear virgin but may contain 1 or 2 very very light spindle marks. This grading will satisfy all but the utmost demanding collector.

VG A great condition record 8 to 9 / 10

Vinyl surfaces will appear as clean as my M- grade but contain just 1 or 2 very minor surface scuffs and the very slightest amount of wear but will not affect playing surface and will not be heard during playback. There will be NO deep scratches and NO distortion to the playing surface whatsoever. Jacket will appear above average with only a trace amount of ring, seam and spine wear. Jacket may have a punch, BB or promo cut but will not adversely detract from the overall look of cover itself. Labels will be in great shape with only a few spindle marks and no price stickers or punch holes. Records in this condition will easily satisfy a discerning collector.

VG A very nice condition record 7 to 8 / 10

Vinyl will show signs of having been played, containing several surface scuffs and 1 or 2 feelable scratches. Sound will be slightly affected with occasional very light background noise during low volume but never rising above the music at any time. Jacket will contain moderate ring wear, mild corner dings, sticker residue and may also contain a small seam split to front/back cover. Overall construction of jacket will remain intact and appearance will still be highly acceptable. Labels may contain several spindle marks and very slight ring wear but remain in overall acceptable shape.

VG An average record. 5 to 7 / 10

A record that contains evident but not overwhelming signs of play and one that has been maintained decently.

Vinyl surface will contain a fair amount of surface marks and scuffs, with more than a handful being audible and deep enough to feel. Sound will have deteriorated slightly but record should still play surprisingly well especially 45s in this condition . Do expect to hear background noise that occasionally rises above level of music. Jacket will contain heavy ring wear and may also contain long seam splits, corner dings and more evident paper tears and sticker residue. Labels may look used, with moderate ring wear and numerous spindle marks and possible tears to the paper surface.

VG- An below average record. 3 to 4 / 10

Vinyl will have even more amount of scratches that are both feelable and affect the sound. Jacket will contain very heavy wear and seam splits. Labels will be soiled, etc...

G A far below average record. 1 - 3 / 10

Vinyl will show a massive amount of wear and deep scratches that will be both feelable and audible. Both jacket labels will have numerous flaws such as seam splits, heavy ring wear, tears, corner dings, sticker residue and mold. Records in this condition will rarely if ever be offered up for auction.

All items are packaged and shipped in professional mailers inside protective outer sleeves with vinyl separated from sleeve

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