Bruce Springsteen Ep - Rare South African Picture Sleeve 7" Single

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06 Apr 2016
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Cape Town, Western Cape

Item Description

****PLEASE NOTE! postage for this item is $13,00 and NOT $4,00Orders for more than 1 single, add $4,00 per item****
****shipping: All worldwide shipping via Registered Airmail.****
****grading is conservative: please scroll down to read our notes on the grading****
****A note on the grading:
Grading is not an exact science. We try to grade conservatively.
We don't use "EX" or "VG++" or "EX-".
1) Sealed - Sealed records will be listed as “Sealed”.
2) Near Mint - If the record appears to be in flawless condition without any defects it will be graded as "Near Mint". A near perfect, possibly unplayed record.
3) VG+ 
Any scuffs, scratches or marks and the record will be graded as "VG+". Typically this will mean a lightly played record with minimal and/ or occasional surface noise only. A better-than-average used record. Play is fairly quiet.

4) VG 
The grading "VG" will be applied to a record which has been played a number of times and plays with some intermittent surface noise in the form of low level or background crackle, 'clicks', 'pops' etc. However, although surface noise is present and is part of the listening experience, it should not overwhelm the music or be too intrusive. 
An average used record. Some moderate surface noise.
5) VG-
A record graded as "VG-" will play with surface noise which is distracting or intrusive or 'competing' with the music. It should still however play through without 'skips' or 'jumps' and should still be listenable. A below-average used record. Not trashed - playable, but somewhat noisy in parts or throughout.

6) G 
A record graded as “G” will either have ‘skips’ or jumps, sound terribly noisy incl. possible distortion in the vocals and/ or be unplayable. An abused record. Only value is in its rarity or as a ‘placeholder’ copy.

PLEASE NOTE: With many records play is variable. This will be reflected in the grading as, for example: 
VG-/VG or VG/VG+ or VG-/VG/VG+
1) Like new – pristine –9 or 10 out of 10
2) Very Good – minor defects only, such as a tiny mark or crease, or a hint of corner wear – will otherwise be almost flawless –7 or 8 out of 10
3) Good – light wear is evident, but cover still intact, with (for example) legible spine, some shine to laminate, no serious ring wear etc., well preserved  –5 or 6 out of 10
4) Acceptable/ Fair – far more noticeable wear, incl. ring wear, corner wear, seam splits etc. although cover is still intact, functional –4 out of 10
5) Poor – shocking condition incl. pronounced ring wear, seam splits, writing, dirt etc. â€“3 out of 10 or less


1) Sealed - Sealed CD's will be listed as â€œSealed”.

2) Near Mint
Near perfect. No obvious signs of use, it may have been played - but it has been handled very carefully.
Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Near Perfect. No obvious wear, it may have only the slightest of marks from handling.

3) VG+
A few minor scuffs/scratches. This has been played, but handled with good care - and certainly not abused.
Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Slight wear, marks, indentations, it may possibly have a cut-out hole (or similar).

4) VG
Quite a few light scuffs/scratches, or several more-pronounced scratches. This has obviously been played, but not handled as carefully as a VG+.
Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: More wear, marks, indentations than a VG+. May have slight fading, a small tear/rip, or some writing.

There are a lot of scuffs/scratches. However it will still play through without problems. This has not been handled with much care at all.
Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Well worn, marked, more obvious indentations, fading, writing, than a VG, possibly a more significant tear/rip.

6) G
The CD may not play some or any of the tracks, or contain a large amount of jumps and/or be unplayable. An abused CD. Only value is in its rarity or as a ‘placeholder’ copy
Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Very worn. It may have obvious writing on it, it may be ripped/torn, or significantly faded, or water damaged.

Terms and conditions:
1. No refunds or returns. All items are sold as is.
2. We grade conservatively. All records are checked and graded under bright light and play-graded prior to listing.
3. Payment must be received within 7 days unless prior arrangements are entered into before auction end.
4. All payments through PayPal only.
5. We ship worldwide. N.B. shipping is NOT US$4 – worldwide shipping cost via Registered Airmail for items are US$ 13 (7") 
6. Please do not send payment until you receive an invoice with the correct shipping cost!
7. All items will be carefully packaged using recycled packaging and sent via Registered Airmail (default shipping method.)
8. In the unlikely event that a parcel does go missing we will only consider customer’s claims for refunds after we have done a full investigation through both the South African and relevant international postal services to verify the accuracy of any claims.
9. Please send all questions via eBay’s messaging system only.
10. Customers should be aware that funds paid into PayPal can take up to a week to clear through the South African banking system. However, we will ship the goods immediately once the funds have cleared.
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