Fresh Maggots - S/t Lp - Rca Original Issue - Very Rare

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24 Apr 2016
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Fresh Maggots - s/t LP - RCA Original Issue - Very Rare

Seriously rare 1971 acid folk album on RCA. No idea why it didn’t sell in bigger quantities, perhaps their name put people off.

Anyway, this is a pretty nice copy of the LP, it’s not perfect (what is?) but it’s extremely clean and plays very well.

I played the entirety of the album on a Brinkmann turntable with an SME V arm and Dynavector 23RS cartridge, then a Whest phono stage, Music First pre, 300B SET amp and Living Voice Avatar OBX-R speakers - a very revealing system and it sounded amazing. Side one had a number of isolated clicks - this is vinyl after all - but was otherwise perfect. Side two had more clicks, some of which were repetitious but none were overpowering. There are some faint marks on side two visible in strong light. I’d grade it EX, it’s been well looked after and, judging by the lack of spindle marks, little played.

The sleeve isn’t quite as nice as the record, it has some blunting to the corners and light edge wear. The unlaminated rear seems to be prone to rubbing and ringwear, this is no exception. I’d grade it VG+, have a good look at the pictures and make your own mind up.

It will be packed very carefully indeed - the record will travel out of the sleeve and I’ll put a cut down stiffener inside the sleeve to stop it being crushed by the rest of the packaging.

The auction will not be finishing early, anyone attempting to make me offers* will not only be ignored they will also be added to my blocked bidders list so play nice.

*I view the “Got a buy it now?” crowd as queue jumpers. To my mind they’re either banking on my naivety/stupidity/greed or they view themselves as somehow superior and entitled to special treatment.

If there’s no Buy It Now shown, there’s no Buy It Now - please don’t ask.

Yes, I ship overseas and I accept PayPal. If the price isn’t shown, please email. Please look at my other items

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