John Coltrane Box Set Heavyweight Champion Complete Atlantic Recordings Vinyl Lp

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28 Aug 2016
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Fort Thomas, Kentucky

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John Coltrane Box Set Heavyweight Champion Complete Atlantic Recordings Vinyl LP

I am selling this box set for a business acquaintance who purchased 4 big tubs of records from a friend who buys storage unit auctions.

The gentleman who lost his storage unit was apparently very serious about his music and took very good care of his records.

I am not an experienced record grader so I am not going to attempt to grade things but I will provide an accurate description and pictures.

I am not seeing any scratches on the albums themselves. They look like they may not have ever been played.
I wonder if the original owner may have played these once and recorded them to CD or computer.
None of the sleeves have been sliced open by the records.

The booklet has the out cover loose from the binding a small tear on the front. It lt also has a large dog ear on the bottom right through half the pages but has no writing and is in excellent shape otherwise. See pictures.

The outer box is rough and falling apart but the inner albums are all in excellent shape. See pictures.

Albums included:

John Coltrane Giant Steps Atlantic 1311
John Coltrane My Favorite Things Atlantic 1361
Coltrane Jazz Atlantic 1354
Coltrane Ole Atlantic 1373
John Coltrane Outtakes 2LPs Atlantic
Coltrane Plays The Blues Stereo Atlantic 1382
The Avante-Garde John Coltrane & Don Cherry Atlantic SD 1451
The Coltrane Legacy Atlantic SD 1553
Coltrane's Sound Atlantic SD 1419
John Coltrane Alternate Takes Atlantic SD 1668
Bags & Trane  Milt Jackson & John Coltrane Atlantic 1368

I am more than happy to answer any questions or send additional pictures on request.

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