Orange Bicycle take Me To The Pilot uk Acetate 7 psych Mod Elton John 1970 hear

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06 Dec 2016
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Cardiff Cardiff
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Item Description

Orange Bicycle-Take Me To The Pilot-UK Emidisc ACETATE Vinyl/Metal 7 -Psych Acid Mod Elton John-1970-HEAR

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7 Vinyl/Metal Acetate
Orange Bicycle
Take Me To The Pilot
Emidisc --

Emidisc acetate unique studio takes recorded on metal discs with thin vinyl covering , some of these will be different takes to the actual release, I have no idea if this one is, I will leave it to you to decide sound file below . Take Me To The Pilot was written by Elton John Bernie Taupin.

Visual Grading

Cover Looks:

Vinyl Looks:



Unfortunately acetates were never made for longevity, they were just basic one off listening devices, hence the audio quality is never quite as standard as the final vinyl issues are. They are sometimes different mixes/takes.

1960/70s ones also have a tendency to corode due to the metal under the thin vinyl layer. this one had some white stains, which have been cleaned off.

It plays pretty well, music comes through clearly, as you would expect there are light ticks but only minimal background.

There might be scope to clean up the recordings either manually or digitally.

Listen to actual record below

Please listen to full sound files below. Links via Zippyshare. What you hear is what you get though please bear in mind any distortion is likely to be from the digital transfer process and not the record itself if there are any jumps in the record it will be noted in the condition description If for any reason the sound files do not work, please let me know and I can email you the MP3s directly.

Orange Bicycle-Take Me To The Pilot Acetate

Audio and Pictures

I record all sound files direct from the record offered in this auction on an Audio Technica AT-LP60 USB turntable at a 128 bit rate with no sound manipulation. I have not always got the time to listen right through each track, if there are any jumps, skips, pops and crackles you will hear them and can bid accordingly. For this reason I do not accept returns on the basis of record condition. Please listen to them before bidding

All photographs shown are from the record offered in this auction.

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