Alco Threads Of Life Album Rare Lp Record 1970s Progressive Folk Rock

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10 Oct 2016
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English Countryside

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THREADS OF LIFE ALBUM rare LP record 1970s progressive
folk rock
are bidding for the very rare
Threads of Life album by the band Alco (vinyl
and original cover). The album
was released in 1972 and was recorded in the University of Surrey
mobile studios.  I believe this was a private pressing and therefore few copies of this album exist.
description of the album on the back cover reads:-
of Life evolved as a result of the group Alco being involved in a
concert containing both rock and classical music. The idea of
jutaposing these different idioms was novel, but not as exciting as
the decision to amalgamate the two in a new work to consist of a
coherent cycle of three songs. Existing original material by the
group was used as a base onto which additional material was
superimposed for the orchestra which here includes saxophone, six
timpani, amplified harpsichord, and synthesiser. Both the group and
orchestra are heard sparately as well as together and climactic
sections are contrasted with passages for solo display. Although the
scoring of a work for rock group and orchestra is by no means a new
idea, previous attempts have often resulted in the two forces
remaining separate. We hope you will enjoy our combined attempt at
such a synthesis”.
Album credits the itchen Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Palmer and
the Itchen College Barber Shoppers.
The vinyl is in good condition
with a good sheen. The cover is in good condition, but please note the clear laminate was applied with two creases
on the front, which is a manufacturing flaw and not damage. The
creases are only on the clear laminate and not on the cardboard. I
am not a specialist or expert on vintage vinyl and therefore will
welcome any questions or queries, you may have. Please message
am selling more interesting antiques
and collectables

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prices are as follows
EEC Countries £12.99
USA Australia and the rest of the
world £19.99
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