Intermezzi Jazz 04 Lp - S.brugnolini & Gato Barbieri Italian Free Jazz Monster!

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Alessandro Brugnolini & L.Malatesta

PLEASE NOTE: Item is located and shipped from Italy.

Original 1967 SR Record SR 04, Sermi INTERMEZZI series, Italy.


Italian Free Jazz / TV Score Library MEGA RARITY offered for sale - one of that records pratically never surfaced around during the years and always remained in obscurity. INTERMEZZI JAZZ 04 is the twin of I SOLISTI DELL'UNIONE MUSICISTI DI ROMA - JAZZ 04 "A", an impossible to find Italian Library gem composed by maestro Sandro Brugnolini and old master Luigi Malatesta (the composer behind other masterpieces like GUNGALA LA PANTERA NUDA, OVERGROUND etc.).
This copy comes without the Sermi folded cover like many of these pressings, pulled out just with vinyls in order to fill their pure promotional purpose for synchronization. First side is titled "FREEDOM SUITE" is Brugnolini's 12 measures of Free Jazz arrangements and improvisations with mr. Gato Barbieri and maestro Brugnolini playing tenor sax. Unknown drums and bass players but were probably the same behind the 04 'A'. The whole side is conceived as a unique Jazz suite with 12 separated tracks - FREEDOM JAZZ style recalling Blaxploitation music and culture expressed under informal Jazz ballads / black counterculture, racial integration and protests / all the moods, styles and tempo of Free Jazz and Avant-garde Jazz. This session was originally recorded between end of 1966 and the beginning of 1967 and scored the TV special ed. documentary "I NOSTRI GIOCATTOLI" feat. lyrics by historical Italian TV journalist Paolo Cavallina. The B side "CONFLITTO NEL VIETNAM" credited to L.Malatesta and his alias "J.D'ARDENA" is composed along with Italian Library god Brugnolini to score some late '60s documentaries on Asian and European cities. Sophisticated orchestral jam with tension and Drama music influenced by an amazing eastern taste / conflict and war themes with obsessive and dramatic vibes for TV scores and soundtracks.

Listen to the clip ripped from vinyl:

The Freedom Jazz suite has everything of Free Jazz style: caotic and jerky drums with improvised rhythms, Gato Barbieri and S.Brugnolini's classy tenor sax solos, sophisticated pizzicato contrabass notes. On the other side "GRANDE MURAGLIA" gives some stunning oriental moods reminiscent of G.Barigozzi's ORIENTE jam, other eastern Score vibes from "ORDE" and descriptive tension and dramatic music on the remaining "DEPORTAZIONE", "FERMENTI" and "VIETCONG". Extremely RARE and legendary LP!

Freedom Suite
A1 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 1 1:11
A2 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 2 1:10
A3 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 3 3:16
A4 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 4 1:44
A5 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 5 1:57
A6 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 6 1:50
A7 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 7 1:23
A8 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 8 1:30
A9 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 9 1:20
A10 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 10 1:36
A11 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 11 0:59
A12 –Alessandro Brugnolini* Freedom Jazz N. 12 0:30
Conflitto Nel Vietnam
B1 –L. Malatesta* Deportazione 4:17
B2 –J. D'Ardena Orde 3:00
B3 –J. D'Ardena Fermenti 0:55
B4 –L. Malatesta* Grande Muraglia 5:48
B5 –J. D'Ardena Vietcong

Record: very nice, clean copy almost impossible to find in such perfect conditions. Beatiful MINT- archive shape!

Buy with confidence and enjoy the grooves

Established record label dedicated to Italian Library music and Soundtracks from 1970s


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