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Edition: EICP 265

Format: CD, ALBUM

Released: 2003



Factory sealed, never opened CD. Please note: Stock image used.

First, the fun stuff...
Now, the boring stuff...
Read it anyway, it s good for you.
A brief history of buying goods from Japan...
1540: Early traders arrive in Japan with mixed results...
1960s: Fly to Japan to pick up the latest hi-tech...
1980s: Remember the mail-order era?
Story continued inside our shipping box.
All rights to illustration and content reserved. Copyright 2016.

We take pride in offering you authentic Japanese products with an occasional exception, where stated . We ve established ourselves as one of the most trusted names in bridging the gap between you and the Japanese market we were serving online buyers of Japanese goods back when Netscape was still cool, and printers came with ribbons . We know there are many fantastic sellers here on eBay you can choose from. It is for this reason, we are humbled by your visit and the prospect of being able to serve you. -All of us at Kupiku

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Is this CD in Japanese?

Yes and no. Any CD that is made in Japan, will of course be sold and intended for the Japanese market. Thus some of the information printed in the inserts will be in Japanese, but of course the music and vocals will of course be the same as it would be if you purchased this CD in your country. If Bon Jovi releases a new album world-wide, naturally, most countries will issue their own CDs. For example, if you buy their new CD in Sweden, chances are, the CD will be made in Sweden. If you buy it in Canada, the CD will be the Canadian issue. If you buy it in Japan, you ll be buying the Japanese edition. Needless to say, Bon Jovi won t record their new album in Japanese for the Japanese market, in Swedish for the Swedish market, and so on. The music will be exactly the same on a Japanese CD, as it would be on a U.S. edition. The only difference? Japanese booklets usually have extras more photos, higher-quality paper, sometimes an additional booklet for the Japanese fans, and- as most collectors will attest to, the mastering and sound quality on Japanese editions is usually superior . There s a reason why Made in Japan has commanded premium prices in virtually every product category for the last 30 years or so.

Is this an actual photo of the CD?

Due to the sheer volume of games we sell, in compliance with eBay s recent policy updates, we generally use stock images for many of our listings. Don t worry, we re seasoned veterans and collectors ourselves. The edition advertised is the edition you will receive.

Will this Japanese CD play on my American CD player?

To begin with, chances are, you don t own an American CD player. Take a look at the back: it probably says Made in China or if you re and audiophile, Made in Japan . That aside, music CDs were not region-coded like many DVDs. Meaning, a music CD that was made in Japan will play on any CD player sold in any country.

Can I buy the CD, and later return it if I don t like it?

Due to the high costs associated with shipping games internationally, and the possibility of people abusing this policy buying an expensive CD, burning it making a copy and then returning it , we do not offer refunds or exchanges in cases where a buyer has simply changed their mind. Please be certain the CD you are buying is the one you want- before choosing to place your order.

Is this CD complete with all original accessories?

The CD, inserts, obi, and case are of course included. Please note that we occasionally use stock images thus, it is possible the stock photo may show a new CD or a used one without obi: however the CD being offered here, a user former rental shop CD complete with obi .

Why is this so expensive? This is so much more than what it originally cost when it was new...

We don t price our items: the market does. It usually comes down to supply vs. demand. There are countless items CDs, Video Games, Records, Books, etc that may have cost 20 when they were originally sold 20 or 30 years ago, but sell today for 200 or more, even in used condition. Our prices are based solely on what these items sell for today in Japan.

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