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09 Dec 2016
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Genesis: Nursery Cryme SACD CD DVD w/ Original Front Sticker.
Limited Edition Japan Mini-LP CD/DVD.
Out of Print. Made in Japan. Still Sealed and in Mint Condition.

Digital Remaster. SACD hybrid / DVD 5.1. All Region. SACD Hybrid CDs are playable on all CD players. Virgin / Toshiba TOGP-15021. Photos are for reference only and may not be of the exact item for sale in this listing.

Shipping via Air Mail is included Ships from Japan

Read this listing carefully and completely before asking questions.
Many important notes about Japan Mini-LP CDs are included

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About Japan Mini-LP CDs:
Japan mini-LP CDs are official audiophile releases--manufactured in Japan under license to the copyright holders--that play on all CD players. CDs made in Japan are superior in nearly every way to those from other countries. The superb mastering K2-20bit, K2-24bit, K2HD, DSD, and HDCD and others , quality discs SHM, HQCD, Gold, Blu-spec, Blu-Spec 2, SACD, SACD-hybrid, SHM-Platinum, SHM-SACD, and more , and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities and methods, result in the finest sound quality available. The Japanese packaging of classic albums in cardboard sleeve miniature is state of the art. These mini-LPs endeavor to be precise miniaturizations of the first pressings of the 12 LPs. Usually everything that was present in the original LP is included, such as gatefolds, booklets, lyric sheets, posters, printed CD sleeves, stickers, embosses, special paper or inks, and die cuts. In nearly all mini-LP releases a detail sheet is included, and although the text may be in Japanese, the insert will often include the lyrics in English, which is a big plus if the original LP did not include a lyric sheet. Japan promotional strips, also called obi, or stickers are usually included with the package as a way of advertising the CD to the Japanese buying public and includes considerable information, such as release date, catalog number, and mastering. Limited edition promotional obis are sometimes added by the distributor. On occasion a mini-LP CD will have bonus tracks included that were not part of the original release. However, the notes about the bonus tracks are never added to the album artwork, only to the spine obi strip or the details and notes sheet, thus maintaining the integrity of the original LP artwork.
Promotional items, such as promo boxes or promo obis, are made in Japan by Japan record labels or Japan distributors such as Disk Union and given away as bonus incentives to those who purchase CDs or groups of CDs before or soon after the release date. These items are always produced in very limited quantities, sell out quickly, are often more difficult to obtain than the CDs, and fetch higher prices due to their scarcity. The record labels can make what they choose regarding an artist because they own the rights. Disk Union, a distributor, makes boxes and other promotional items by asking for and being granted permission to use the artwork and related artist logos. Disk Union does not sell these promotional items. These promotional items are legitimate releases. For more information about items that are not legitimate, scroll down to the bottom of this page.
Quicksilverlove sells many items that are new or still sealed. However, promo boxes do not come in shrinkwrap and sometimes have sustained minor damage to due to mishandling before they get to us--all defects are noted in the item description. Quicksilverlove makes every effort not to buy or sell any CD that is not graded at least Mint Condition, which means nearly new see the blue-colored grading notes below . Selling only still sealed or mint condition mini-LP CDs means that there is no guesswork about the quality of the item that you are buying. Rest assured that all the mini-LP CDs we sell are in mint condition, have no scratches on the disc or rubbing on the cardboard cover, have soft CD sleeves, and come in clear plastic sleeves that can be resealed. On rare occasions we may purchase an extremely uncommon mini-LP CD that is only in near mint condition and offer it for sale. Such diversions from our high standards are noted in the item description . In the rare event that you purchase and receive an item that is not as described, contact us and we will work something out. Your complete satisfaction is important to us.
SS Still Sealed and new and in perfect condition.
Mint Like new but no longer still sealed.
NrMint Lightly Used. Perhaps some rubbing or some hairlines.
VG Plays but has seen better days.

We sell high quality CDs and we guarantee that all items are as described in the written text. If not, we will refund your money and your return postage.
Item prices are not negotiable. Please do not ask for side deals, discounts, reductions, different prices, or make offers. We do not accept them and we do not respond to them.
Please note: We use photographs from a variety of sources for our listings. The CDs and other items shown in listing photographs are not necessarily of the exact item that you are purchasing, so read the written description carefully. Words are more important than pictures
When we ship you will be notified. All CD s, Promo Boxes, and Box Sets are shipped well-packed in double thick cardboard in order that your item will withstand the en route trauma inflicted by the destructive gremlins in the postal services of the world. There is no need to instruct us how to pack items for shipment, we have been doing this for years and are absolutely professional about our materials and methods.
All problems you have with our service or non-arrival of goods can be resolved with us directly. We are here to help

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gt gt gt gt gt gt IMPORTANT NOTE:
The mini-lp market has been and is being infiltrated by counterfeit mini-lp CDs made in Russia. These fakes, especially when still sealed, are almost impossible to tell unless one knows what the genuine Japan original looks like or has one for comparison. Buyers at Disk Union have been fooled The list of musical artists that have been counterfeited includes: King Crimson 21st Century UICE , Rainbow POCP , Led Zeppelin AMCY , Eric Clapton UICY , Genesis VJCP 1st edition w/ Virgin logo on Obi , King Crimson IECP , Jethro Tull TOCP , Deep Purple WPCR-1563-1577 , Black Sabbath Victor , Creedence Clearwater Revival VICP , Jimi Hendrix UICY , Beatles, Pink Floyd, and so on. This list is not complete, and new albums are being counterfeited each month. So, BUYERS BEWARE Purchase items only from dealers who can be trusted to sell only genuine Japan mini-lp CDs. Purchasing Japan mini-LP CDs from Russia and China is risky. There are also many dealers in the USA, UK, Europe, and Canada that are selling fakes. If the Buy-It-Now price of a mini-lp seems too good to be true, then it may well be a counterfeit.

Also, a few dealers in places such as Hong Kong, Canada, Peru, Thailand, and the USA are making bootleg mini-LP boxes and selling them as legitimate promo box releases from Japan. Record labels and Disk Union in Japan make the boxes as promotional items. The record labels can make what they want regarding an artist because they own the rights. Disk Union, a distributor, makes boxes and other promotional items by asking for and being granted permission to use album artwork and related artist logos. That is the difference between legitimate and non-legitimate promo boxes. The non-legitimate boxes are made with stolen artwork, as these bootleggers do not ask for and have not been granted permission from the record labels or artists. Some of these bootleg boxes are homemade, some are factory made in China, some pretend to be prototypes, some pretend to be made in Japan, some claim to be limited, numbered editions. But how or where they are made makes no difference to the central issue. The artwork is stolen, these sellers are making money illegally, and buyers on eBay are being misled.

For more information about bootlegs counterfeits and to visit a great website that has detailed information about Japan CD Mini-LPs, please cut and paste this URL for the Japan Mini-LP database website at this web address:

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Arigatoo gozaimasu

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