Scarce Mint 8 Lp Box Zappa Mothers Beat The Boots Live Unreleased Psych Lp

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USA - Rhino / Foo-Eee - RI-70907

Original 8 Lp s with 10 records BIG Box set with amazing fold open display features that include a T-Shirt, button, and 8 previously unissued by major label Lp s including 2 double Lp s for a 10 records total...each containing their own separate custom covers art work long long gone... rare... top Zappa/Mothers collectible Includes the original large information sticker that was only on the outside of the cellophane/shrink wrap...since virtually everyone who bought the box tore off the outer wrapper, there went the sticker, now very rare... This was a fantastic idea back 24 years ago. The Rhino Record label and Frank Zappa teamed up to form the Foo-Eee label and issued this huge cardboard box set with 8 Lps of assorted live bootlegs that Frank got a hold of. Each Lp was reissued with original jackets, occasionally the real bootleg company of each was blotted over with a permanent black marker in a rather sloppy way. Complete in a cool fat box with wild custom Zappa concert audience pop-up T-shirt, and button.

here we go::::

As an Am
As an Am features recordings from three separate shows. Track 1 is from May 19, 1981 at Rockline, KLOS-FM, Los Angeles, California tracks 2 and 3 are from May 21, 1982 at Sporthalle,Cologne, Germany and tracks 4-6 are from October 31, 1981 at The Palladium, New York City.
1. That Makes Me Mad 0:51
2. Young Monde 11:24
3. Sharleena 9:09
4. Black Napkins 3:58
5. Black Page 2 7:12
6. The Torture Never Stops 11:03
The Ark
The Ark documents a show at The Ark, Boston, Massachusetts on July 8, 1969.
1. Intro 0:56
2. Big Leg Emma 3:42
3. Some Ballet Music 7:16
4. Status Back Baby 5:48
5. Valarie Clarence Lewis, Bobby Robinson 3:30
6. My Guitar 6:46
7. Uncle Meat / King Kong Medley 23:49
Freaks Mother
Freaks Mother was recorded at Fillmore East, New York City on November 13, 1970. The original bootleg version was called Freaks and Motherfukers.
1. Happy Together Gary Bonner, Alan Gordon 1:25
2. Wino Man-with Dr. John Routine Zappa, Jeff Simmons 7:44
3. Concentration Moon 1:18
4. Palladin Routine 1:14
5. Call Any Vegetable 8:56
6. Little House I Used to Live In 4:26
7. Mudshark Variations 1:10
8. Holiday in Berlin 3:33
9. Sleeping in a Jar 7:23
10. Cruising for Burgers 2:52
Unmitigated Audacity
Unmitigated Audacity was recorded at University of Notre Dame,South Bend, Indiana on May 12, 1974.
1. Dupree s Paradise/It Can t Happen Here 3:12
2. Hungry Freaks, Daddy 2:46
3. You re Probably Wondering Why I m Here 2:44
4. How Could I Be Such a Fool? 3:42
5. Ain t Got No Heart 2:20
6. I m Not Satisfied 2:18
7. Wowie Zowie 3:18
8. Let s Make the Water Turn Black 2:23
9. Harry, You re a Beast 0:53
10. Oh No 8:14
11. More Trouble Every Day 7:53
12. Louie Louie 1:55
13. Camarillo Brillo 5:07
Any Way the Wind Blows
Any Way the Wind Blows was recorded at Nouvel Hippodrome,Paris on February 24, 1979.
LP one:
1. Watermelon in Easter Hay 4:27
2. Dead Girls of London 2:38
3. I Ain t Got No Heart 2:11
4. Brown Shoes Don t Make It 7:29
5. Cosmic Debris 4:11
6. Tryin to Grow a Chin 3:34
7. City of Tiny Lights 9:25
8. Dancin Fool 3:31
9. Easy Meat 6:40
LP two:
1. Jumbo Go Away 3:44
2. Andy 5:21
3. Inca Roads 5:42
4. Florentine Pogen 5:26
5. Honey, Don t You Want a Man Like Me? 4:33
6. Keep It Greasy 3:31
7. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:24
8. Another Cheap Aroma 2:38 Correct title: For the Young Sophisticate
9. Wet T-Shirt Night 2:29
10. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 2:38
11. Peaches en Regalia 3:40
Tis the Season to Be Jelly
Tis the Season to Be Jelly was recorded at Konserthuset,Stockholm, Sweden on September 30, 1967.
1. You Didn t Try to Call Me 3:12
2. Petrushka 0:52
3. Bristol Stomp 0:45
4. Baby Love 0:47
5. Big Leg Emma 2:09
6. No Matter What You Do Tchaikovsky s 6th 2:41
7. Blue Suede Shoes 0:53
8. Hound Dog 0:14
9. Gee 1:52
10. King Kong 14:18
11. It Can t Happen Here 9:18
Saarbr cken 1978
Saarbr cken 1978 was recorded at Ludwigparkstadion,Saarbr cken, Germany on September 3, 1978.
1. Dancin Fool 3:42
2. Easy Meat 5:05
3. Honey, Don t You Want a Man Like Me? 4:15
4. Keep It Greasy 3:31
5. Village of the Sun 6:20
6. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:45
7. City of Tiny Lights 6:43
8. Pound for a Brown 6:36
9. Bobby Brown 2:56
10. Conehead 3:33
11. Flakes 5:01
12. Magic Fingers 2:30
13. Don t Eat the Yellow Snow 3:52
14. Nanook Rubs It 1:47
15. St. Alfonzo s Pancake Breakfast 6:42comprising: Father O Blivion
16. Bamboozled by Love 6:45
Piquantique was recorded at Solliden, Skansen, Stockholm on August 21, 1973, with the exception of track 4, which is taken from a concert at the Roxy, December 1973.
1. Kung Fu 2:12 includes the opening theme from The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
2. Redunzl 4:26
3. Dupree s Paradise 11:25
4. T Mershi Duween 1:55
5. Farther O Blivion 20:41 including themes from the Steno Pool section of The Adventures of Greggary Peccary , The Be-Bop Tango and a fast instrumental arrangement of Cucamonga . AS AN AM The Ark Freaks Mother Unmitigated Audacity Any Way the Wind Blows Tis the Season to Be Jelly Saarbr cken 1978 Piquantique

CONDITION: The cover The Box cover: solid, light previous handling, VG no problems, other than the normal wrinkles in the box material - all copies have, so is certainly servicable/collectible, and then...the 8 separate covers to the albums are top MINT...fresh original colors, no delete marks, no split seams, no bends, and no writing ... collection worthy rarity ...

The vinyl all 10 records 2 of the 8 Lp s within are double sets, 10 Lp total, are mint expect very enjoyable audio NO distracting surface problems ... ALL 20 labels are clean


SEE: SELLERS OTher items for more more of similar cool sounds for head people...


All imperfections are noted both cover record

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