Very Rare Private Press We Were The Blues Blues Spectrum 60 s Psych Press Lp

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10 Apr 2017
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Tampa Florida
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We Were The Blues - Blues Spectrum Very Rare Garage / Psych Private pressing LP released in 1969. Only a handful copies of this record were ever pressed and this ones vinyl is in Near Mint condition. Cover is VG only because of shelf wear, no seam splits, etc. It has been years since a copy has come up for sale.

From the internet. We Were The Blues Spectrum no label, US 1969 Among local late 60s US rock albums, this is one of the most buried titles. It s not in Collector Dreams, and only listed briefly elsewhere. Musically it s a pretty insane-sounding mix of Smokin Willie basement hardrock and early big band rock a la CTA. The horns are used for riffs only, not solo, much like a Hammond B-3. Everything about this album is crude, with long frantic Hendrix feedback guitar leads on top.Only 1 cover version, the rest is band originals. One of my fave discoveries in the past year, but be prepared -- it ain t the Fredric.The teenage band photos are outstanding. The band leader has passed away and left no copies behind it s a Rite pressing that was probably made in very small numbers. From the cover The music was recorded live in the studio. There has been no over-dubbing or corrections. This is the way we want it. Greg. From the vinyl, Mastering Rite Record Prod, DB, Stereo, 1476, 27198, 2. Side one: 1 Moonchild, 2 Changes. Side two: 1 It Better end soon. 2 Sun Scare.

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