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Item Description

Manufactured in 1970.
Valued in this condition at over 10,000.00, this unique item should probably be in a museum.
Apple Records - Catalog SO-385.
Very RARE Fully Constructed PROTOTYPE Cover No Record .
The Front cover features the photo that was on the back of the final release and vice versa.
The Front cover and Spine show the album title as BEATLES AGAIN .
The Back cover is the photo that was on the Front of the final release.
The Spine shows the words THE BEATLES AGAIN and the Catalog APPLE - SO-385.
Known History details listed below .
SPECIAL NOTE: It has been stated by some that ONLY SLICKS existed, however this is INCORRECT.
In point of fact, as a reference, in the BEATLES PRICE GUIDE by Perry Cox and Frank Daniels comments by Bruce Spizer published in 2007, on Page 123, it specifically states the existence of at least 2 FULLY CONSTRUCTED COVERS while also mentioning the existing SLICKS which were also made 1970 .
This is obviously NOT the cover which has a DEEP MAGENTA BACKGROUND but is one of the listed covers.
Research indicates that there may have been a third cover, however it is NOT mentioned in their guide.
Keep in mind that if you see one of these covers listed as SEALED , it is a FAKE.
As far as we know, these were NEVER sealed by the manufacturer.
WHERE WHEN WAS THIS OBTAINED: As for some the history of where this owner obtained this unique item, it can be traced back to around 1970 when it was purchased from a reputable collector living in Long Island, NY.
He the collector had obtained it from an employee of the record company s Art Department which would make a great deal of sense since these items were never released to the general public.
The present owner has kept in storage since then in a climate controlled smoke free environment.
Although there is some history surrounding the HEY JUDE / BEATLES AGAIN project with respect to how the record was to be made and which songs would be on it, there is very little information surrounding the actual construction of these PROTOTYPE covers.
Even our research with record industry executives has revealed very little construction information or their thoughts at that time regarding marketing and promotion, but if anyone out there has information, we would certainly welcome it.
NOTE: If you require additional photos or information relating to this piece, please ask before making your offer or purchase.
Prior to the conclusion of any sale, we encourage all prospective buyers to ask as many questions as they would like.
We certainly do not want anyone making a purchase of this magnitude, receive the item, then report that it item was not as described or is not what they expected.
The item is in GEM MINT CONDITION and is obviously a ONE-OF-A-KIND item.
Any potential buyer must be aware and understand that when purchasing this truly unique and extremely RARE item, THIS IS A FINAL SALE - NO REFUNDS or NO RETURNS once purchased.
It has been stored for 43 years in a climate controlled smoke free environment and is a rare piece of BEATLES HISTORY.
We encourage the purchasing of insurance, however overseas buyers should be aware that insurance is not always available for certain countries .
KNOWN HISTORY: Contrary to popular belief, the Hey Jude album was not compiled by Capitol.
The project to actually put this LP together was in fact conceived by APPLE RECORDS and the American businessman, Talent Agent and Record Label Executive Allen Klein Born December 18, 1931 Died July 4, 2009 who at one time worked for Sam Cooke, and created the new role of business manager , negotiating with the record companies in his client s interest.
As manager of THE ROLLING STONES, he controversially acquired sole rights to all their early work, provoking a 17-year lawsuit.
Following the death of BEATLES manager, Brian Epstein, he managed Apple Corps until the group broke up in 1970 .
Klein had negotiated a more lucrative contract for the BEATLES in 1969 and was anxious to sweeten the pot with the concept of creating an additional LP.
He directed Allan Steckler of ABKCO / APPLE to work on an album.
Steckler chose songs that had not appeared on any Capitol album in the United States spanning the group s career at that time.
His focus was actually more on their recent singles other than on earlier material.
The absence of songs from a US Capitol album was partially a consequence of the Beatles unwillingness to include any single releases on their contemporaneous albums, partially because of their arrangement with United Artists back in 1964 and also partially due to the habit of EMI affiliates worldwide of recompiling the Beatles British releases for local markets.
Steckler chose not to include major hits like A Hard Day s Night , which was released as a single by Capitol and was available on the United Artists soundtrack album, and also tunes like I m Down , the B-Side of Help , and The Inner Light , B-Side of Lady Madonna .
He also overlooked early works such as From Me to You , Misery , and There s a Place , which were first issued in early recording sessions in the US by Vee Jay Records but had not yet been issued on a Capitol album.
Sie Liebt Dich , a German version of She Loves You, and the single version of Get Back were also ignored.
Steckler and APPLE had become disappointed with Capitol Records release schedules, making them determined to promote a new album themselves.
Steckler also took the tapes to Sam Feldman at Bell Sound Studios in New York , rather than delivering them to Capitol.
He would consequently do this for several releases thereafter.
MORE LP HISTORY: Originally, the album was to be named The Beatles Again.
Shortly before the record was released, however, the title was changed to Hey Jude in order to promote the inclusion of the top-selling song that led off side two.
The name-change occurred after the labels were printed, and an untold number of copies of the album were sold with Apple labels on the vinyl containing the title The Beatles Again.
This was also true for cassette copies of the album, which retained the original title.
Neither the front nor back of the LP jacket displayed the record s title or the name of the band , but most copies were sold in a jacket whose spine read Hey Jude.
In an attempt to clear up any confusion caused by the pre-printed labels, initial copies of the album displayed a sticker on the cover bearing the title Hey Jude.
The edition of the album with The Beatles Again label bore catalog number SO-385 on the label but not on the jacket.
This is because of a similarly-timed decision to reduce the price from 6.98 SO- prefix to 5.98 SW- prefix .
The record jacket was prepared late enough so that it lists the catalog number as SW-385.
The SW-385 catalog number appears on the label of later pressings that bear the title Hey Jude on the label.
Klein authorized release of the LP as a sales buffer during the post-production period of the delayed LET IT BE.
In 2007 Neil Aspinall claimed that the back cover was supposed to be the front cover and vice versa but that Klein had reversed them in error.
This is not entirely true.
At least three prototype cover designs are known to exist, with the earliest of those showing the photos reversed.
Apparently, it was the art department at APPLE that made the ultimate determination that the photo that now appears on the front cover was better suited for that purpose.
Bruce Spizer s book, The Beatles on Apple Records, contains many previously-unknown details about the release but unfortunately does not discuss actual PROTOTYPE COVER construction details, making it conclusive that apparently no one has that information.
The front and back cover pictures were taken at the last-ever Beatles photo session, on August 22, 1969, at John Lennon s new house at Tittenhurst Park.
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