CONTEXT 70 - RARE psych LP- the Holy Grail of Psych records? - private pressing

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CONTEXT 70  RARE psych LP the Holy Grail of Psych records  private pressing
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04 Jun 2018
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New Paltz, New York

Item Description

This record from 1970 entitled "Context 70" has been called the Holy Grail of records for psych and outmusic collectors. This is an ultra rare private pressing; there were only 100 COPIES ever made and it is believed (according to some psych blogs and websites) that there are very few copies left in the world, and PROBABLY NONE IN THIS CONDITION. A copy shows up every 5 or more years on auction sites but they are almost always in very substandard shape.

It was made by kids at South Side Senior High School in Rockville Center on Long Island, NY. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS RECORD AND ITS LEGACY, see the detailed descriptions at the bottom of this listing, taken from two different psych blogsites.

The cover is in mint minus condition with absolutely NO seamsplits, edgewear or ringwear. The colors are still rich with NO age discoloration, even against the black background. The record is still shiny black with just a few marks visible under a light which do not seem to affect playback. It plays mint minus!

AND . . . . . I will include a CD COPY of this record for the winner!

Shipping will be paid by me if the buyer is from the US or Canada. International buyers need to add $25 for international postage. Please write if you have any questions about this gorgeous rarity.

Some descriptions of the record from blogsites:

Context 70 “ Context 70 ” 1970 ultra rare private press High school freakbeatpsych only 100 copies made

HOLY GRAIL underground “psych” rarity and filed at the the top of the"realpeople" collectibles … Crazy psychedelic rarity from Southside Senior HighSchool, which originated from Long Island, NY. This one is a mad scramble.We’ll let the good folks at Acid Archives describe it for you:

“Real people” glories here … LSD psychodrama included ….Context ‘70" 1970(no label private pressing) is a very obscure homemade high school project LPof which only a few copies are known to exist. Among the high points includesare two long fuzz/organ jam freakouts, a girl garage band, and some undergroundfolk moves, stoned-out jug-band moves, bizarre poetry and crude classical roundout the set. There’s also a funny spoken introduction proclaiming it to comecourtesy of “WTHC” radio. Interesting LP with plenty of 1970 NYC zeitgeist anda high freak value, though schizophrenic and local to the max.“
This actually should be listed as a various artist release, and titled"Context 70”. But I guess since none of the participants are reallyartists in their own right, but really just one large group of high schoolers,the argument can be made that they should be called by the name of the albumtitle. Overall, the album is a collection of 'mish-mosh’ by a group of teenagedmusic class students from Southside High School, in Rockville Center, NY. It includessome spoken word passages, some piano interludes, vocal pop, a couple of garagecuts, and two fuzz guitar driven standouts. …
A1 The Radio Show Intro 1:10
A2 Washington At Valley Forge (The Amalgamated Pickle Plant And Home BrewDistillery) 1:56
A3 Interlude 0:04
A4 Happy Mother’s Day 1:34
A5 Paula 1:24
A6 Gertrude 2:19
A7 The Wishbone 0:35
A8 Hide Your Love 2:30
A9 Augurs Of Spring 2:52
A10 Linda Is Beautiful 4:30
A11 The Unfinished Symphony (The Amalgamated Pickle Plant And Home BrewDistillery) 0:09
B1 Cheeseburger Lament 2:17
B2 Rainbows 2:02
B3 Melancholy 1:07
B4 Epstein’s Disgruntlement 0:40
B5 Forest Green 1:53
B6 Pickengratchen 6:31
B7 The Plastic Idyll 0:40
B8 It’s A Fashion 3:19
B9 The End.


Private pressing from Long Island in 1970!This is a legendary record amongpsych collectors.According to Acid Archives, there's only a hand full ofremaining copies that exist.To my knowledge,this album has only been offeredone time on Ebay a few years back.

This album is musically all over the place. The album opens with a radio announcement welcoming you toWTHC.This segues into a tweaked Jug band called The Amalgamated PicklePlant&Home Delivery featuring a kazoo/banjo/washboard etc...The best songson this album are by a kid named Emmanuel Angel who plays all the instrumentson the songs "Gertrude"&"Pickengratchen,"the latterbeing a six and a half minute instrumental that is a totally inspired over thetop, noise-rock freak out, complete with overdriven to the max guitarsolos, fuzzed out keyboards & trippy effect pedal geekdom galore.
An all female group calling themselves ADAM'S RIB contributes a great psychrocker called"HIDE YOUR LOVE" with
great lyrics like: "I stare at the walls while talking to myself.
Back to reality,I know I need help,I Need You"
There are painfully earnest ballads like "LINDA IS BEAUTIFUL"that probably didn't win the author any dates with the object of his desire.
There's also a ridiculous poem called CHEESEBURGER LAMENT credited to OMLETTE...
10-15 copies are rumored to have survived thetest of time.