Westside Gunn Flygod Verified Promo 2016 Og Black Vg 2x Vinyl

This item have been sold for $ 1925.00

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29 Oct 2023
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Jericho New York

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Item Description

Original Flygod 2016 Promo copy originally for the artists involved in probably one of the best hip hop projects of this century . Apparently it got out of their hands into an unscrupulous character who filled in the blank stamp with a 1. I sharpied it out as it is certainly NOT the 1 copy as it was in print numbering and also verified by Daupe that the number was written in and it s indeed an Uber scarce promo. The seller would ve been much better off leaving it blank and selling it. I know it s hard to pretend that eye sore isn t bad but anything can be done with it it s still a promo I just wanted to leave it up to the buyer how they d like to proceed with that squiggle. Vinyls are near perfect with the exception of two minor scratches that don t affect play at all. Plays through perfectly

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