Megaton Self Titled Lp Mega Rare Uk Deram Sml r 1086 Prog Vinyl

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02 Aug 2014
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MEGATON - Eponymous album on DERAM.
1971 SML-R.
1086 A chance to own this mega rare edition of the album This record has been cleaned on a Clear Audio Matrix cleaning machine.
This record has been play tested on a Linn LP12 Sondek, with a Naim Aro unipivot arm, and a Dynavector 17D moving coil cartridge.
This is a very detailed system, and may pick up defects that other systems do not.
Some clicks may be due to residual dust/dirt left after the clean.
Each side was played once continuously from beginning to end.
In an effort to keep the record from any further wear, the record was not played a second time.
We have put the cleaned record in a new inner sleeve, but are also sending the one we received with the record as pictured.
SIDE 1: LEAD IN GROOVE: very minor crackle.
OUT OF YOUR OWN LITTLE WORLD: minor crackle and three clicks about halfway through.
NIAGARA: light clicking intermittently through the introduction.
Odd light clicks throughout the track.
WANNA BE A HERO: slight click in pre-gap and a few slight clicks early into the track.
FAIRY TALE SONG: a few light clicks 5.
COO COOKI CHOO: maybe a little groove wear/mistracking this could be due to the way the vinyl was originally cut.
SIDE 2: LEAD IN GROOVE: silent 1.
CARRY IT ON TO THE END: possibly a slight bump sound about one third through.
WOMAN I M GONNA MAKE YOU MINE: slight noise in pre-gap.
There are two small bumps on the vinyl, which didn t appear to make a noise that lept out during listening.
This may not be the case on your system.
MAN IN AN AEROPLANE: some light clicks approximately halfway through.
LIFE WAS EASY YESTERDAY: light clicking in pre-gap.
Light occasional clicks during the track.
TOMORROW NEVER COMES MY WAY: light clicking, plus one moderate click in the pre-gap.
Very slight groove wear sound maybe again due to the original cut.
VISUAL: VINYL: This album still retains a splendid shine and has very little spindle wear.
There are some feint marks on the lead in groove, and clearer wear at the very edge of the record.
There doesn t appear to be a clear visual reason for the slightly worn sound on the last track on each side.
Visually excellent, audibly somewhere between very good and excellent.
INNER SLEEVE: As the record has been cleaned, a new sleeve has been provided, BUT we are also including the original inner sleeve which has some clear creasing, some glue residue staining from the seams, some foxing in various places, and an approx 2 cm tear on the paper at the centre of the sleeve.
OUTER SLEEVE: No writing or tears on either side.
Front sleeve has some creasing and laminate lifting.
Signs of dirt on the laminate glue on the back sleeve, as well and some foxing/light staining and light ring wear.
Slight wear on opening of sleeve, and at corners.
PACKAGING: The record will be packed with the new and original inner sleeves outside of the main sleeve.
The main sleeve will have a card stiffener inside.
The sleeves and the record will be packed inside a poly sleeve, and then have an additional stiffener either side.
These will then be put into a wrap pro mailer which has additional protection.
This package will then be sent inside a large padded envelope.
Insurance is included in the postage price.
We are aware that the overseas postage price looks very high.
This is based on full insurance for our expected selling price, and covers the variations between territories, which varies between around 152 to over 160.
We would look to refund any postage overcharge.
Please feel free to check the royal mail website, for a small parcel weighing 850 g, for a better idea of how much it would cost to your territory based on your top bid.
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