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Vee Jay Records with OVAL Logo on Label

This is by far the RAREST VERSION 1 combination of

Feel free to inquire about any
Special pricing OPTIONS

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Perry Cox

The owner of this piece is a member of our group. The reason we have lowered
the price is that he has an illness and he literally needs cash to offset some of
his MEDICAL BILLS not covered by health insurance.

This is a unique opportunity to obtain a very RARE BEATLES Rarest Record,
which would undoubtedly be a great addition to anyone s existing collection

At this point in time there are probably less than a dozen known copies of this RARE Version
1 Cover in existence This is the cover that counterfeiters have had a field day with over the
years, however ours is 100 AUTHENTIC and has been verified to be authentic by one of
world s foremost BEATLE experts Mr. Perry Cox - COA included . This is a 1st pressing of
the Version 1 variation of this LP but it s really the COVER where most of the value is here.
This was one of Three 3 VERSION 1 COVERS made by Vee Jay. The 1st was the AD
BACK, the 2nd was the BLANK BACK, and the 3rd was this COLUMN BACK with songs
listed in the two 2 columns on the back. This variation is considered to be the rarest one.
Vee Jay was being sued at the time requiring them to cease all marketing of this album due
publishing rights violations primarily surrounding 2 songs LOVE ME DO P.S. I LOVE YOU.
However they had already pressed a number of vinyls, so they basically tried to hide the fact
that they actually continued to sell this album, but in different covers AD BACK BLANK
BACK masking the contents. So the lawsuit is really what made this particular cover so rare
since they could no longer use it. Remember that only a total of 2,202 STEREO Vinyls were
ever produced to be paired with all 3 covers. So coupled with this cover, it is truly SCARCE
and a RARITY

Also for those familiar with how to identify an AUTHENTIC Version 1 Cover Mono or Stereo
this cover passes the HONEY Test. No FAKE has ever passed this test. Look at the back
of the COVER at the song A TASTE OF HONEY in particular at the word HONEY and the
letters H and E . If there is ink missing in the top left corner of either of these letters, there s
no question - it s a FAKE . This test is known by every expert to be 100 fool proof.

Based upon Vee Jay document obtained, only a total of 2,202 STEREO VINYL VERSION ONES
were ever produced and that number includes all of the covers associated with them including the AD
BACK, BLANK BACK and COLUMN BACK. This makes any VERSION 1 STEREO one of the
RAREST BEATLE VINYLS and highly collectible to say the least.

With regard to this particular listing ...
This is one of the finest examples of this RARE JACKET we ve come across in years For those of
you who are unfamiliar with the history of this record cover, it really is the COVER where most of the
value is, although the disc itself is quite a rare commodity in it s own right and quite valuable.

The disc features the OVAL Vee Jay Labels. The TRAIL OFF areas have the hand etched Matrix 63-
3402S and Job 5689 on the A-Side, with 63-3403S Job 5689-X on B-Side. Also present is the Machine Stamped AudioMatrix LOGO and MR Monarch Records LOGO. This Vinyl was
pressed by Monarch Records in LA. The LABELS feature CENTER justified song titles. The word
STEREO is listed on the TOP. In this case the labels DO possess the phrases LONG PLAYING

COVER is gorgeous. The VINYL rates around VG , but it s value is only a fraction of the entire piece.
Any VERSION 1 STEREO Disc is a RARE find and has significant value of it s own

NOTE: Contrary to popular misguided belief, these LPs were NEVER RELEASED in 1 963. The accepted release date
was January 10, 1964. When the VERSION 1 was released, there were three 3 variations. FIRST was the AD BACK
shown here . SECOND was the BLANK BACK which featured a completely blank white back of the jacket. The THIRD
and RAREST was the COLUMN BACK SHOWN HERE with a jacket that featured a complete list of all titles. As it turns
out, the COLUMN BACK is actually the rarest variation of all an increasingly valuable.

Sorry folks for originally posting the wrong price on this item This LP is the

CATEGORY: RARE Collectible to be purchased as is and as described.

Quite collectible and valuable to any BEATLES collector

This is a 1st Pressing of VERSION 1 of this LP, which was the most bootlegged Vinyl LP of all time. VERSION 1
lists LOVE ME DO and P.S. I LOVE YOU . It has a Vee Jay OVAL Label with RAINBOW color ring.
Actually it was predominantly the VERSION 1 marked STEREOPHONIC in Gray
on White background across the top of the jacket that was the primary target
of many bootleggers although some MONO LPs also were victims as well.

WE NEVER SELL FAKES, so BUY WITH CONFIDENCE So if you re looking for AUTHENTIC versions of this
and other RARE vinyls, or a source for any BEATLES Vinyl Records or CDs, then shop with us here at THE

It s hard to believe how many FAKES of this LP still appear on ebay Buying any BOOTLEG record is a waste of hard
earned money. This is incredibly frustrating to any buyer searching for authentic variations of this great LP. We who sell
only AUTHENTIC items, are extremely frustrated and annoyed that we are continually forced to compete in this market.
This problem is now finally being addressed by ebay

TO THE UNSUSPECTING BUYER: BEWARE of FAKES Before you buy any variation of this album, make sure that
you understand all of the differences between FAKES and REAL ones. The average buyer is often easily fooled. BUY
ONLY FROM EXPERTS And if you ever have any questions about how to identify a FAKE, please contact us anytime.
We re your source for any AUTHENTIC BEATLES Collectible Vinyl Records especially any Vee Jay recordings.

MAKING BEST OFFERS: We ve included this feature in order to allow buyers to express their opinion about how much
they would feel an item is worth. The purpose of making such an offer is to hear REASONABLE OFFERS. All others will
be ignored or rejected.

This LP is being sold based upon its EXTREME RARITY.
Only under certain circumstances will we accept RETURNS. For example, CDs are NOT RETURNABLE because
they are too easy to copy. If the item purchased is NOT THE ITEM received, the buyer must contact us immediately
before any return can be authorized. All items are PHOTOGRAPHED prior to being packaged in order to insure that
the item is in fact in the condition described and is the item actually that s being shipped. However there are always
special circumstances whereby items can qualify for a return, but one reason that s UNACCEPTABLE is I DIDN T
LIKE IT . Each item that is sold on this site is described in detail as best we can. Please understand what you are
buying when you make your purchase. If you re not certain, please ask questions or request photos or information
PRIOR to making your purchase. If the item received appears to be damaged during shipment, please contact the
CARRIER USPS, UPS, FedEX, Trucking Company etc. immediately and request a claim for damages. Also, feel
free to contact this office as well, and PRIOR to making any kind of report to EBAY. We will do our best to assist the
buyer without the involvement of EBAY. Buyers Sellers should work together to settle any issues without involving
anyone else. Thanks.

Our Catalog ITB-V1-SAB-5621V

Office Code: 292539817380

All BEATLES pricing is reflective of the latest BEATLES PRICE GUIDES in particular the most recent guides.
In addition, our pricing is based on condition, rarity, and scarcity. There are other existing BEATLES PRICE
GUIDES available, however you must keep in mind that most guides are now several years old and don t
reflect accurate or current market values, regardless of who the authors are or whatever their so-called
expertise may be. Please feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos

Very RARE, quite collectible and valuable to any BEATLES collector


INTRODUCING ... THE BEATLES Compiled by our expert staff .

What is a FAKE what is a REAL copy?

1. First foremost, real copies of any version of this LP must have INTRODUCING ... THE BEATLES THE
BEATLES , ABOVE THE SPINDLE HOLE on the record label. If either phrase
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