David Bowie The Complete Bbc Sessions 6 Lp 2013 Limited 100 Made Ziggy Live New

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New 2013 David Bowie - Complete BBC Sessions 6 Parts on Green Vinyl - Import 6 LP. Each was limited to 100 made. Each one is numbered. The Condition is New, with the exception that a few have very slight creases on corners because of how they were packaged when originally shipped to me. Since they were from Europe, they were not sealed in shrink wrap, but instead arrived in resealable poly bags. These are extremely rare and very rarely come up for sale as a complete set. All of these are 70 of 100 except for two LP s. One is 62 of 100 and the other is 68 of 100.

David Bowie The Complete BBC Sessions

Not On Label David Bowie none
6 Vinyl, LP, White Label, Green
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered, 100


A Tripper To The Last The Complete BBC Sessions Part 1 A1 Radio Caroline Showboat Oct 1966 - Interview
A2 BBC Radio Sessions 1967 - Penny Lane, A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
A3 Top Gear Recorded 18 December 1967 - Love You Till Tuesday, When I Live My Dream, Little Bombadier, Silly Boy Blue, In The Heat Of The Morning
B1 Top Gear Recorded 13 May 1968 - When I m Five
B2 Dave Lee Travis Show Recorded 20 Oct 1969 - Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed, Let Me Sleep Beside You, Janine
B3 Arnold Corns, Radio Luxembourg Studios 10 March 1971 - Lady Stardust, Right On Mother, Moonage Daydream
The Sun Machine Is Coming Down The Complete BBC Sessions Part 2 C1 Port Of Amsterdam
C2 God Knows I m Good
C3 Buzz The Fuzz
C4 Karma Man
C5 London Bye Ta-Ta
C6 An Occasional Dream
C7 Width Of A Circle
C8 Janine
D1 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
D2 Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed
D3 Fill Your Heart
D4 The Prettiest Star
D5 Cygnet Committee
God s A Young Man Too The Complete BBC Sessions Part 3 E1 Waiting For The Man
E2 Width Of A Circle
E3 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
E4 The Supermen
E5 Queen Bitch
F1 Bombers
F2 The Supermen
F3 Looking For A Friend
F4 Almost Grown Geoffrey Alexander On Vocals
F5 Kooks
F6 Song For Bob Dylan George Underwood On Vocals
F7 Andy Warhol Dana Gillespie On Vocals
F8 It Ain t Easy
It s The Freakiest Show The Complete BBC Sessions Part 4 G1 The Supermen
G2 Oh Your Pretty Things / Eight Line Poem
G3 Kooks
G4 Fill Your Heart
G5 Port Of Amsterdam
G6 Andy Warhol
H1 Ziggy Stardust
H2 Queen Bitch
H3 Waiting For The Man
H4 Lady Stardust
Layin On Lectric Dreams The Complete BBC Sessions Part 5 I1 Hang On To Yourself
I2 Ziggy Stardust
I3 Waiting For The Man
I4 Queen Bitch
I5 Five Years
I6 Five Years
J1 Oh You Pretty Things
J2 Queen Bitch
J3 White Light / White Heat
J4 Moonage Daydream
J5 Hang On To Yourself
J6 Suffragette City
J7 Ziggy Stardust
Jamming Good With Weird And Gilly The Complete BBC Sessions Part 6 K1 Starman
K2 Space Oddity
K3 Changes
K4 Oh Your Pretty Things
K5 Andy Warhol
L1 Lady Stardust
L2 White Light/White Heat
L3 Rock N Roll Suicide
L4 John I m Only Dancing
L5 Lady Stardust
L6 Star


Box set of The Complete BBC Sessions
Limited to 100.
6 x LP s on green vinyl, with white labels.
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