Hosanna In The Morning Lp 1974 Pokora Sealed 50 Off Psych Edge Rural Rock

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10 Sep 2019
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Green Bay Wisconsin
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500 on Amazon

Sealed, NOS 45 year old LP

Sold by surviving member, songwriter and lead guitarist of Hosanna

Hans Pokora Record Collector Dreams 3001 Entry Sealed

Hosanna - In the Morning 1974

Magnificent rural rock gem, a super scarce custom production from six Wisconsin fellas. A good number of the tracks are moody pastoral acoustic ballads, gentle sincere heartfelt vocals adrift in fragile stirring melodies. A touch of Allman Brothers on the spirited country-rockin Put Your Trust . In the more psych-edged direction are the dreamy mysterious Friend and the heavier fuzz-blasting What Lasts , either of which would be right at home on the Rainbow Promise lp. Noteworthy lead guitar work throughout, both electric and acoustic. Not an especially loud album except for the one aforementioned cut , but most definitely has that sought-after edge that characterizes the better rural-rock privates. Sharp cover art, a painting of a lake and snow-covered mountain.

Ken Scott - Archivist, HEAVENLY GROOVES


Entire album can be found on YouTube ...

Hey collEctors

SeaLed New

OrigiNal 1974 psych edge, rural rock gem

Hans Pokora Record Collector Dreams 3001 entry...

Page 94...

Valued by Pokora his experts at 180-330 Euros

that s up to 481.80 USD


Rarest of the rare

Only 1,000 copies made in 1974

SAme Day ShiPping

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19.99 USD SHIPPING TO CANADA Registered Airmail

39.99 USD Registered Airmail Shipping to Europe elsewhere worldwide

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