3 Tool Fear Inoculum Limited Deluxe Edition Albums Trifold Cd Set New

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05 Sep 2019
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Mankato Minnesota
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Item Description

Special limited edition. It includes a CD in a trifold digipak video brochure, as well as a rechargeable 4 HD screen with exclusive video footage, a USB charging cable, a 2-watt speaker, a 36-page booklet and a digital MP3 download card.

Package Manufactured by Mediafast in China. Discs Made In Germany. Assembled In the USA.

Special limited edition has three 3 variant packaging available:

Variant 1 - Full glossy cover with 7-sided geometric pattern on back, points of pattern ends in 14 solid circles.

Variant 2 - matte finish with 9-sided geometric pattern on back, no solid circles at points, sides have a gloss geometric repeating pattern.

Variant 3 - Glossy cover with dark elements in matte and 6-sided fractal star on back, eyes centered in star points, silver on black geometric repeating pattern on sides.

Ships media mail.

If you want us to ship a different method let us know and we can adjust the price.

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