Magnetics 45, Lady In Green/heart You re Made Of Stone, Northern Soul Original

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23 Jan 2017
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Item Description

The Magnetics 45 titled Lady in Green/Heart You re Made of Stone Bonnie, 1965.
Both sides sound in NM condition I test-played them entirely .
This original copy has NO discernible surface noise.
The matrix numbers on this disc are ZTSC 107374 and 107375, with 1A etched in the trail-off wax and a T1 in the trail-off on the Heart side.
The record has maintained its gloss.
It shows minor scuffs -- these are not numerous.
Also, there are two half-inch feel-able scratches.
None of these marks affect the sound of the record.
I test-played this record twice in its entirety, on separate turntables.
The first time was alone.
The second time was two weeks ago in the company of Indianapolis record dealer Jerry Ruark and his wife.
He and his wife agreed there is no surface noise heard on the songs.
To verify this, Jerry or his wife can be reached at 317-882-3378 or 317-784-7582.
They have 30-plus years in the record business.
Or, if you want to hear this record, call this seller at 812-229-4250 and we will arrange a time I can play it for you.
If you call any of these numbers, please keep in mind we might not be in your time zone and please only call between 10 a.m.
and 8 p.m.
I believe my copy of the Magnetics record is the only original one ever offered on eBay that has no background noise.
I do not think this record was ever played.
It was bought at a live auction about two years ago in a stack of about 150 other records, none with sleeves.
It belonged to a former employee of the Columbia pressing plant in my home city in Indiana, who got her records directly from the plant in the 1960s.
The insignificant scuffs on the playing surface of this record can be attributed to movement in storage over the years.
The two half-inch scratches could have been caused in the factory and resulted in this record being rejected in the quality-control process at Columbia.
I know, from talking to former employees of the plant, that Quality Control would reject records that visually showed the slightest mark even though the record sounded perfect.
This is my only copy of this record.
To U.S.
locations, the mailing charge is 3.50, first class.
Combined with other 45s, the cost is 3.50 for 1-4 discs 5 for 5-10 discs priority mail and 6 for 11 or more records priority mail .
FREE mailing to U.S.
locations for any winner whose single bid or combined bids exceeds 75.
I typically mail within 24 hours.
International bidders: The overseas rate for more than one 45 record is as follows: 24 for 2-9 records 34 for 11-15 records.
For more than 15 records, e-mail me to determine the rate.
To Canada: 16 for 2-9 records 24 for 11-15.
For more than 15 records, e-mail me.
Play-grade definitions: NM near mint -- little or no surface noise.
VG very good plus -- surface noise, but does not interfere with the enjoyment of the track.
VG very good -- surface noise that is noticeable and whether or not it interferes with the enjoyment of the record depends on your level of tolerance.
G good -- noticeable surface noise, at least some of which interferes with the enjoyment of the song.
I will never list a record on eBay that skips or catches without noting that flaw in the description.
Please e-mail me if you have any other questions.
Thanks for looking.
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