Sax 2473 4 Mahler Symphony 2 Klemperer Po First Uk B/s Columbia 2lp Nm To Vg /ex

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25 Apr 2020
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Mixed bag copy of this first issue UK Columbia stereo double LP set, superb NM vinyl except side 2 band 1, which sadly has a scratch that sounds, so supplied with a later copy of same LP which plays NM, and EX sleeves. I think this set has been hardly played at all, but unfortunately was handled clumsily at some point. Bargain copy for someone?

PLEASE NOTE - you are bidding on original 1960s vinyl - this will not have completely silent surfaces, even when in unplayed condition - but the sound and recording quality is generally excellent. If you are looking for absolutely perfect blemish-free reproduction, please bear this in mind.

UK Columbia Stereo LP SAX 2473-74Very first UK issue Blue and silver labelsMahler Symphony no 2 in C minor Resurrection Played by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Otto Klemperer 160g vinyls appears NM, good gloss, flat, look unplayed, except for side 2 of SAX 2473, where there is a thin shallow but feelable scratch, about 1.5 cm long, at 5 o clock towards end of band, which sounds but looks worse than it is, see below Fully play-tested all sides are NM, except for the scratch on side 2 of SAX 2473. Excellent reproduction, fantastic sound, quiet surfaces and low vinyl background noise, no wear and no distortion, effectively as new. But the scratch on side 2 , in band 1 second movement sounds for just over three minutes, starting as quiet pops at about 6 minutes in to movement up to moderate tocks most obvious in the quiet section about 7 minutes into the movement - never very loud but noticeable. Labels NM, no spindle trails visible. Condition of front laminated heavyweight double flipback sleeves with large STEREO are both EX all intact, crisp and clean, glossy well-preserved laminate with few small edge/corner creases, backs mostly clean but some small dirt stains on SAX 2474 - see photos . Original earliest issue printed poly-lined paper EMI Outstanding Artists inner sleeves EX Second copy of SAX 2373, Red Notes label, still 150g vinyl but later stampers, looks and plays NM, with NM sleeve.

More photos available on request

I will combine postage for multiple items, please contact me if you are intending to bid on further LPs.

Payment please within seven days of auction ending foreign bidders please wait for invoice.

These LPs are all from my personal collection, which has grown much too large, and so I am thinning down, as I won t be able to listen to all of them in one lifetime. I will be putting up for auction mainly classical LPs from the advent of LP in the early 1950s until the 1980s, but principally early stereos late 50s and 60s , rare repertoire, and often first or early pressings. There will also be some 1960s-80s rock, pop, blues and jazz.

The description will state if the LPs have been fully auditioned for rarer material, or when the visual grading is unclear ,spot-auditioned, or if not otherwise stated, just visually graded.

For listening tests, stereo LPs are played either on LP12/Ekos/Dynavector Karat17D2 or Garrard 301/SME 3009/Denon DL103R, while monos are tested on Thorens TD160/SME 3009/Denon DL102, all through Quad QC24/Quad IIs/ESL63 system . Visual grading is under tungsten-halogen spotlight or direct sunlight when available in England

A few LPs will have been professionally cleaned, and this will be stated in the description. In my experience, most used LPs will benefit from professional cleaning which reduces background surface noise and often removes many of the pops and clicks, especially when these are due to debris, grease etc on the surface.

GRADING obviously slightly subjective and often dependent on original pressing and vinyl quality - see description of each LP for more detail.

Mint Only used for sealed and unopened records which may of course have pressing defects which are not visible until unsealed .

NM Visually perfect, no scuffs or other marks, and plays without any problems, and barely audible surface noise depending on date and pressing . No spindle trails on label. Jacket sleeve or box will be almost perfect.

EX The occasional extremely light mark, fingernail scuffs etc that should not make any difference to the sound, possibly a few spindle trails on the label. Playback should be similar to NM. Jacket or box may have very minor defects such as slight creases, or ring-wear but these will be not very noticeable

EX Only one or two very minor marks that might give the occasional low level pop or click but no serious scuffs or scratches and the record should play without any distortion or serious problems. Surface noise may be slightly more apparent than NM but still not at all distracting. Jacket or box may have some minor defects, slight distortions or edge knocks, small amount of discolouration or slight laminate peel etc.

VG Minor surface marks that will give occasional background noise or a few repeating click and pops for a short period, or more noticeable surface noise, but on the whole the record should play without serious problems, and will still be enjoyable to listen to. Sleeve or box may have noticeable defects laminate peel or loss, small edge splits or repaired tears, staining or discoloration, slight sticker damage etc , but no major tears, losses, or bends.

VG: There are marks that will cause some deterioration in the sound, such as repeating clicks from shallow scratches, or higher levels of background noise but this will not be serious enough to cause a major distraction to the listener. Very slight inner groove or side-end distortion may be present on loud passages. Sleeve or box might have splits repaired or otherwise , pronounced ring-wear, tears, sticker damage, writing,or noticeable creases or bends.

Only very rare records will be offered for sale in less than VG condition the description will give details of all the defects in such cases.

Postal charges:

Calculated by weight, including packaging

UK: Royal Mail signed-for 1st class insured up to 50

up to 1kg normally 1-3 LPs 4.50

up to 2kg normally 4-7 LPs 6.50

Over 2kg, Parcelforce Express 48 prices insured up to 100 :

Up to 5kg 13

Up to 10kg 16

Additional insurance can be purchased, please ask for a quote.

Europe signed and tracked postage insured up to 50 :

1 LP 11.00

2 LP 13.00

3 LP 15.00

4 LP 16.00

5 LP 17.00

Rest of the World Signed and tracked if available air mail insured up to 50 :

1 LP 14.00

2 LP 16.00

3 LP 18.00

4 LP 20.00

5 LP 22.00

Larger quantities, please ask for a quote.

Boxed sets - the box generally adds the weight of one extra LP. Please remember that earlier pressings will usually weigh more than later ones some early mono LPs are more than 200g .

For all packages insurance is required and I can provide a quote for higher value packages over 250 . I will always retain proof of postage.

LPs will be well packed, double-boxed if needed, with extra stiffeners, and with the LP removed from the outer sleeve to prevent seam splits.

Honest mistakes in grading can occur occasionally, so if the LP is not as described, please contact me within 14 days to arrange return and refund buyer pays return postage

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