Pearl Jam Ten Basketball Vinyl Very Rare Genuine Original Copy

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25 Jan 2021
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Item Description

Pearl Jam Ten Basketball Vinyl Very Rare Genuine Original Copy.

This is the real deal. Purchased from new and Owned by me since 1991/92. I am a big Pearl Jam collector. I don t not deal with bootlegs or fakes of any kind.

Any serious Pearl Jam collector knows what this item is... they also know loads of fake version where kicking around eBay for years... these are easy to spot due to many things including the pixelated Sony Music text on the back. You can search the PJcollectors site online to find all details about the original/bootleg fake.

This is the real deal and I have decided to let it go during a bad year working due to obvious world events.

Super rare Beautiful item and price of music/grunge era history.

Fantastic condition. The Vinyl itself has never been put under a needle. Store upright in a second PVC sleeve for nearly 30 years in a smoke free home.

Has a split on the left hand side on the PVC printed sleeve which is shown in one of the pics. Apart front that... this is so stunning and more importantly, genuine.

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