Misfits Die Die My Darling White Vinyl Lp Punk Rock

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19 Apr 2021
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Albuquerque New Mexico
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Item Description

Ok folks here we go All 9 boxes are separated by classic rock and Punk and we are looking at about 400 punk albums alone So will try to list them at bunches of 20 or so a day.

Now these Misfits I m listing first look really clean maybe played a few times if that? Good luck and bear with me on getting these all listed for ya

Ok so a little bit of info before i list all these albums So they where picked up at a local yard sale yes yard sale Was a pallet of about 12 boxes full of regular records, the yard sale guy was telling me he use to buy storage units and this pallet came from one. Not sure but the original owner must of been an avid collector or in the music industry as there are alot of rare records in the lots. Have not gone through them all just doing the 45 s first and almost all of these are puck rock From the Sex Piostols Dead Kennedeys the Jam The damned and a whole lot more. They where pretty dusty but honestly other then that they all look pretty dang clean on the record part

Unfortunately i do not know how to grade but will try my best to use pictures for the best description. But i also have a record player and if requested can listen to a certain song for you and let you know how the sound is

Shipping is 4 bucks but will actually be sending the higher priced ones out by priority mail.

Overseas shipping will be done but will need your postal code to get exact costs

Also just a side note i came across and actual contract between Alternative Tentacles and the Drunk Injuns there was 4 copies along with about 20 sealed albums from same bands so maybe this was a producer or company s collection???
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