Sax 2508 B/s Ed.1 Milstein Beethoven Violin Concerto Leinsdorf Lp rare

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19 Sep 2022
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Item Description

Hi and welcome to another one of my auctions, I m a long standing member on here 20 years, based in the U.K. and now and again I reluctantly sell the odd rare record,

Regarding postage of items, ALL my items are packaged properly with records removed from sleeves etc...proper mailers and extra stiffeners to protect during transit...any queries or requirements please just message

I post worldwide but this is only via Ebays GSP if it s outside of the U.K.

Onto the s a nice one for the classical collector this time, please check my feedback as I pride myself in keeping this intact with strict and precise gradings


Overall it s a really nice package, complete with sleeve, correct inner and the record


The front laminated flip back sleeve has a few bumps on the corners but still retains a lovely glossy finish to the front, Albeit with some laminate creases towards the spine and a crease on the top right corner....the spine is still in solid condition with a few dings here and there, All of which are in the pictures, The rear of the sleeve is still very nice with no writing stickers or tears to mention, Graded VERY GOOD


The original poly-lined EMI sleeve again is in nice condition with no writing, tears or stickers etc...obviously it has a few creases from being placed and removed into the outer sleeve over the years but very presentable still, Graded VERY GOOD


Both labels are again free from any sort of defects, slight use is viable but no big nasty spindle marks or such like, Graded EXCELLENT


Now this may go on for a little while but I d rather try and get all the info over in text as well as the pictures I ve added, please see in the highlighted circles for mark s mentioned, Matrix numbers are clearly visible in the pictures

At first glance the record looks EXCELLENT to NEAR MINT....BUT on further inspection I ve spotted a couple of marks on side 1, the first which I have taken 3 pics of from different angles shows a light 10-15mm fingernail mark which unfortunately someone has tried to possibly quieten down leaving some very light visible marks, this results in approximately 2 mid volume pops at the start and then a cyclic lower level tick for about 30 seconds, I heard approximately 7 clicks either side of the louder section where I couldn t really here any interference, Absolutely no jumps or sticks at all and in reality looks worse in the pics than it sounds, strict gradings as always

The second mark again is a light one and doesn t really result in any lessening of the sound quality,

Side 2 doesn t really have any issues to mention and is very clean...the record may benefit from an ultrasonic clean to get the best sound quality/clarity but it plays very very well as it is.

As nice as the record looks it s being graded at VERY GOOD for side 1 due to the two marks and minimal use, side 2 is probably closer to EXCELLENT/NM...but will grade it as a solid EXCELLENT and side 1 would be apart from the aforementioned issues, a really lovely record and one that is on the increase for a good copy, very presentable

Any questions please feel free to message...Reasonable offers will be taken into consideration, good luck with your bids.



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