Minor Threat Ep Dischord 5/limp 41 E Condition In My Eyes red Vinyl

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11 Oct 2022
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Richmond Virginia
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Item Description

Honk Honk

Greetings everyone, and welcome to another of my ebay record listings. Glad to have you here, and I hope you will enjoy your stay and perhaps like what you see, perhaps enough to have a desire to have it for your own Hard to believe I ve been doing this for just about 13 years now-I know my older listings say 8, but yep, I got started about 13 years ago now, and just don t feel like giving up. So, thanks to all my previous customers, your business is always appreciated, and I do appreciate your taking a look at what I have for you. Now, on with the show.

NOTICE Due to having crappy results from a balky sound system at work, I have decided to do all my play grading on my mid-1960s GE Wildcat portable record player. it s a workhorse, and I just put a new needle on it. This has a history of being able to play some of the nastiest, gnarliest records I ve gotten my hands on, and it has never let me down. So yes, these are getting play graded, but considering what I am using, your mileage may vary. Just to let you know.

Folks, tonight s listings will be short. My boss record auction just closed, and I have a LOT of orders to get packed and mailed out. Don t worry, I m still play grading everything though. so the info will still be done to the best of my ability, only shorter in length.

This listing might get some questions about one thing. But I am sorry to let you know in advance, No Buy It Now . So I figured I d get that out there in advance. Thanks

This time up, I have a 1981 maybe 1982 7 45rpm Extended Play release on the Dischord 5 /Limp 41 record labels, by Minor Thread. This is the iconic EP titled In My Eyes . If you know harDCore, you ll know about Minor Threat. Yeah, after they broke up, Ian went to Fugazi, etc. But it s Minor Threat that most people know and remember. Good reason for that. No, not straight edge, it was for the energy. If you went to one of their shows and didn t come out all sore and sweaty, you just weren t paying attention. And with this group-that was nearly impossible. Lyle Preslar s guitar still kicks the everlovin dog hi out of any and all other hardcore bands. Yeah, some had some super riffs, but just this EP alone blows them all out of the water. This is CLASSIC punk stuff here, and I still love it to this day. Now the reason for the undecidedness about the release date is due to not having seen this label before. I have had the original, but that had a different design, and that one wasn t red vinyl. This IS red vinyl. The playing surface shows some light needle marks, but these caused no trouble for the needle or play as both sides played through great and I heard no background noise either. Yeah, I know, how could anyone tell with this kind of sound. But it sounded good to these ears, so I am giving it my E grading. That s my grading though, and my grading is considered non-standard. If you are considering placing a bid, please read the paragraph that follows this one, as it will show you the gradings and their respective descriptions. It won t take long to read, please do. The labels are in good shape, no noticeable wear, all text clear and easy to read. This does have a small center hole though. This does have it s original picture sleeve, though this has storage wear, bending and a few torn spots at the opening. The top of each side seam is starting to tear a little though. Nothing serious-yet. If you need more pictures or description, I can and will be happy to provide. If you have any comments or questions, please send them to me, and I will reply as soon as possible.

My Grading is as follows: M Mint -ONLY for Still Factory Sealed Records ONLY No 45 nor 78 will ever get this grading. E , minimal wear, perhaps only needs cleaning. E, a few light marks, maybe some minor background crackle and/or hiss. E-, light marks, crackling nothing major , scuffs, etc.. Not great, but still quite playable. V , More marks, scuffs, needle marks, scratches-but nothing that would make the needle skip. Will have background noise that even with a cleaning will still be around. V. Worn. Scuffs, scratches, can be noisy, but still probably won t cause the needle to skip nor get stuck. V-, Noisy? You bet Worn? Oh yeah. Playable? Sure, but don t expect it to sound all peachy keen. P. Bleah Playable perhaps, but do so at your own risk. Don t trash a new needle on it. Only used on records considered rare enough for fill in purposes to a collector-or to those who do digital restoration.


All items I sell will be sent with postage printed up from eBay. This way, the prices are automatically listed for customs purposes and cannot be altered. Yes, this does mean that the customs people will know the value, but since I get a bit of a price break on postage, I can keep the prices low for you-the buyer. I will not mark item as a gift , just so you can evade import rules. The people at my post office know me, and they will check overseas packages for inspection. I hope you will understand my position about this, my apologies if you are not able to comply.
Also, international bidders, the price listed for postage on my listings are for domestic mailing. I wish I could send overseas for that price, but reality speaks different. I place a fair price on all international postage. Watch for the invoice if you win.
ALSO-I need to let international bidders know of a certain problem that doesn t always happen, but will arise from time to time. All International mail sent from this region has to go through the U.S. Postal Service sorting center in Sandston Virginia, by our local airport. This sorting center has been named the least efficient sorting center in the entire U.S. Postal Service. They prove this from time to time by mis-routing packages. If this happens-and I will monitor the delivery-usually it will add at least an extra week for it to arrive. If there are any problems, please contact me first, and I will do what I must to make sure you are satisfied with the order.

All items that are sent to a U.S. address will have delivery confirmation at my cost attached, as I have found that it helps...a lot ....to ensure that packages are truly en route to the customer. This is for both of our sakes. I will be using USPS Media Mail as my primary shipping method, however, if needed, and for an extra charge, I can ship with Priority Mail , and if i can get away with it for the price, I really like 1st Class, but that s weight-dependent.
Oh yes, if you are the winning bidder, and you are in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I m afraid you are going to have to fork over the 5.3 Virginia State Sales Tax.
Also, I do have other listings available as well, and if you would be interested in more than one item, I have no problem with holding onto wins in case you would like to combine wins to save some money instead of multiple p h costs.
Ebay has mandated that I include a handling time something I had thought was already included. I usually get records mailed out the day after payment arrives. But I will let you know that if any listing that is paid for after Friday mornings will have to wait until the following Monday, since I do the majority of packing at work-I have my packing stuff there. Plus-I won t hound you for payment. As long as people stay in touch, and let me know the interest is still there, don t rush on my account. I don t mind waiting a bit and usually won t send any kind of reminders until after a week-at least-has gone by. In this economy, the last thing anyone needs is for a seller to come off like a bill collector. I ll work with you

Folks, I have lots of records for sale/auction here on ebay, but I also have another outlet that I use as well, where items I haven t listed elsewhere, and occasionally things that have been listed but not anymore here as well. I work for a record store as you may already know, and my boss has been putting out one of the largest, if not the oldest record auction in the Mid-Atlantic area. If you look online for RecordSmith auctions in Richmond, VA, you can easily find the site. If not, or if you d like any information, you can always contact me through the ebay message system, and I will be glad to get that information for you. Hey, I love my boss, and love working there. So I don t mind doing some shilling for him, and I m certain he and I would enjoy your participation and business

I hope that there s someone out there who might like to make this part of your own collection, since that s what I m here for I do appreciate that you did click on my listing and had a chance to check out the goods, thanks again for stopping by

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