The Beatles White Album Mono 1st Press 1968 No Emi , 009418, Low Mother Numbers

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02 Sep 2022
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Item Description

The Beatles White Album mono vinyl 1st press 1968 no emi , spacer, pics, 0019418 ..... states:
Initial numbered edition with top opening G L gatefold sleeve, black inners, poster 4 colour prints, dark green Apple labels with Sold In The UK.... text.
This was released in error omitting the text E.M.I. Recording on the label, so a second version The Beatles was promptly released with the corrected labels.

Matrices, XEX... mothers 9 0 clock and , stampers 3 0 clock per side are:
Side 1 XEX 709-1 - 1 HP
Side 2 XEX 710- 1 - 3 HH
Side 3 XEX 711-1 - 2 PH
Side 4 XEX 712-1 - 1 RM

NB: - At the 9 O clock position is a number that tells you the mother number used to generate the stamper. At the 3 O clock position is a stamper code in letters that tells you the stamper number, so these were all early mothers 1,2, and 3

Condition and details below:

ORIGINAL 1ST PRESS, NO EMI, LOW NUMBER in the first 20,000

Gatefold sleeve, front VG, 00 number, embossed Beatles looking fairly good, a bit of fading and some marks/scuffing the rear is, VG also, some marking and scratching in centre, but it is intact.

Gatefold Centre VG , a little fading but reasonably clean and intact flipbacks - nice : . There is some damage to the top of spine, slight rip, and some delamination, just wear and tear really this is still worthy of a VG overall...

Original back inners are fairly intact VG, with a little wear and creasing and a small split in the bottom of one

Poster and portraits and spacer- all in good condition , the poster has some tick marks and is slightly ripped on a couple of folds, but intact the 4 portrait photos are excellent, no pin holes, no rips...

Vinyl and labels LP1 a couple of light hairlines both sides, very clean labels, no emi indicationg 1st press/release LP2 similar to LP1, a few light scuffs , very clean labels and visually VG ...

Playback LP1, light crackle between a few tracks and on run-ins, other than that hardly any signs of the record s age, an abcolutley suerb listen - EXCELLENT - the quieter tracks, e.g. Blackbird, are testament to this...

LP2 Superb as well Side 3 is exceptional. Side 4 has some light noise towards the end of the last track....the rest is fantastic. An excellent listen from such an original item...
I always try to give a fair overview of condition and a selection of photos, which give an indication of what you are buying/bidding on.

I always play test and give a fair appraisal of how the LP sounds on my system this is always a subjective thing, and so may vary on others - If there are any flaws or jumps detected I will mention this and it will be reflected in the price/starting bid NB: sometimes items may benefit from further cleaning etc.

Postage is as stated, usually, UK, 2nd class signed for and international sales through ebay s GSP.

My gradings are through the recognised Goldmine standard, and as accurate as I can make them although please bear in mind it is still subjective and mistakes can occur : - please let me know if there are any issues

Thanks for your interest

On 27-Aug-22 at 08:39:47 BST, seller added the following information:

PLEASE NOTE - as per the full description and photos , the embossed number is 0019418 , NOT 009418 as the description states this was an error .. and I cannot edit it


Thanks still a great item

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