The Beatles Hey Jude the Beatles Again Us Orig 70 Apple Stereo 1st Press Sealed

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17 Oct 2022
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Rockledge Florida
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Ultra rare very early 1st pressing still factory sealed copy of the album compilation Hey Jude The Beatles Again released on February 26, 1970. This copy is indeed a very early pressing as it contains a large album title HEY JUDE 10 x 2 banner affixed to the top of the front cover. Initially, the album was called The Beatles Again but after it was released the title was changed to Hey Jude in order to promote the top-selling single hit of the same name on Side 2. Considering that the front and back cover didn t have the album title and in order to avoid the confusion caused by the preprinted labels containing The Beatles Again , the album title Hey Jude banner sticker was affixed to the front cover of the very early copies. The catalog number SW-385 is located on the spine and back cover whereas the labels inside have the catalog number SO-385 . The reason is because of a similarly timed decision to reduce the price from 6.98 SO- prefix to 5.98 SW- prefix . As a bonus to this brilliant factory sealed copy, the listing includes a very rare original 1968 Hey Jude 8 x 11 Northern Songs, Ltd. / Maclen Music, Inc fold-out song sheet. You ll also find the other rare items related to the release of this album currently listed at our auction, an incredibly rare still factory sealed Apple 4-track Stereo tape cartridge and an impossible to find original Hey Jude record store promotional counter display.

The record is in amazing Mint Minus condition, only having some light push-ins on the top right and left corner. The song sheet is in great condition overall, having some light shelf wear and a fold mark on the front page.

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