K-pop Rare Dreamcatcher Over The Sky Special Single Cd + Concert Photocard

This item have been sold for $1125.00

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30 Jul 2023
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Columbus, Ohio

Item Description

I got this CD at the December 8th Invitation From Nightmare Dreamcatcher concert in 2019. I won this CD from a raffle at the concert.

It has come to my understanding that there are only 6 of these in the world, and that they are quite rare, hence the price.

If you need more authentication, I would be happy to present any sort of authentication that is requested.

Once bought, I will package this CD and photocard very carefully so they dont get bent or damaged. I am not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping, I cannot control how the delivery people handle the package. If you have any requests as to how youd like this to be packaged(like a toploader on the pc), let me know and I will follow that the best I can.

- The CD is a little dusty, so it will need cleaned off with a microfiber cloth

- The CD has been opened and played once

- The photocards edges are a little roughed up

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