Jimi Hendrix Experience Promo 2lp Electric Ladyland First Press 1968 very Rare

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Item Description


In May 1969 Jimi played the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver BC Canada with Fat Mattress as Special Guest , his management company sent off this concert promotional package to Bob Smith.

Bob Smith was the host of Hot Air at CBC S Vancouver Studios for 35 years starting in 1947, and every concert that came to Vancouver BOB would get a promotional package from the artist management company and this record and promo package came out of his personal collection,

The record has the first Reprise label 1963 - 1968/1970 The Tri-Colour Steamboat Label was in use until the end of 1968 in the USA, but it was kept alive in the U.K. and other international markets well into 1970. This is the label design that is usually referred to when talking about the steamboat label, even though the later designs also use a version of the steamboat image.

The Album is stamped Promotional Not for Resale

The Promo Package Includes:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience BYRD folder with Reprise Logo inside folder left side says Personal Management MICHAEL JEFFERY MANAGEMENT INC. 27 EAST 37TH ST, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016. On the right side it says For Additional Information THE GOLDSTEIN ORGANIZATION INC. 200 West 57th, St., New York, N.Y. 10019- 212 LT1-3800 900 Sunset Blvd,. Los Angeles, Calif., - 213 278-2822
Inside the folder is Jimi Hendrix Promo Photo on the back is The Goldstein Organization INC, address phone contact person Mr. PAT COSTELLO THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE
There are 9 documents inside the folder they include The Bio s for JIMI HENDRIX, MITCH MITCHELL and NOEL REDDING.
Hendrix Experience sets Spring Tour
Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour 1969 Concert dates
Jimi Henddrix Experience ..On Stage
Hendrix rents historic home
Jimi Hendrix Experience 1/3 American, 2/3 English
Are You Experienced??
Jimi Hendrix Experience with special guests FAT MATTRESS Noel Redding s new group Thursday May 22nd 7:30 P.M. Pacific Coliseum

Each everyone of these documents is detailed with Jimi s life, band what was going on at that time in his life. Jimi Hendrix died September 18,1970 the age of 27, a little more than a year after this concert

Promo records, also known as promotional copies, are audio or video recordings that are distributed free of charge to promote a recording or concert that is coming soon . They are usually sent to radio stations, music journalists, and other industry insiders to generate buzz and increase awareness of the upcoming concert.

Promo records are highly sought after by collectors for a variety of reasons. Some promo records differ from the final, official release and may contain unique mixes, alternate versions, or even entirely different tracks . These differences will make them more valuable to collectors than the standard commercial release . Additionally, some promo records may have unique packaging or artwork that sets them apart from the commercial release .

This album will be shipped with insurance well packed. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for more photos. Please review all bidding costs including the shipping fees. Good luck Happy Bidding

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