Black Cat Bones Barbed Wire Sandwich Decca/ Nova Uk 1st Press Lp Blues Psych

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20 Dec 2023
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Chelmsford Essex
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Item Description

Black Cat Bones - Barbed Wire Sandwich

Decca/ Nova SDN 15 UK Stereo LP 1970

This is a UK Stereo 1st pressing LP in very nice overall condition It has a heavyweight front laminated sleeve. This has a factory pinched top bottom spine. There is a small Mono/ Stereo die-cut circle area on the rear sleeve. It comes with its original polythene-lined blue border generic Decca company paper inner sleeve. The record is pressed on thick vinyl has smaller sized light blue Decca/ Nova labels. These have silver print. The record has 1st press ZAL-9431 P-2W and ZAL-9432 P-1W matrix numbers.
A genuine UK 1st Stereo pressing of this excellent early 1970 s UK Blues-Rock-Psych LP. These are very rare. I have some other rare collectable 1960 s. early 1970 s UK Blues/ Psych/ Prog LP s. So please see my other listings. Don t miss out

Sleeve: There is a 11 cm crease at the top spine area see photo . It is more prominent on the front sleeve much less so on the rear sleeve. The crease has caused some laminate lifting on the front. As stated, the crease is not that noticeable on the rear sleeve. There is some other light, mild or very mild laminate lifting at the front spine area. There is some light, mild or very mild rubbing wear to the corner tips. There is some light, mild or very mild rubbing wear on the sleeve opening edges on a few areas. This hardly really notices. The spine is in Near Excellent condition shows light or very light wear only. There is a very light crease in the bottom corner tip area at the sleeve opening. This is not too noticeable. There is one other mild laminate crease on the front. There is some light, mild or very mild ringwear on a few areas. Overall, Very Good condition.
Vinyl: There are some light, mild, very mild or very minor surface sleeve rubs which can only be seen under a strong light. There is a small area of more moderate surface sleeve rubs, or surface rub marks, on Side 1. These are not that noticeable under a strong light. The inner sleeve, over time, has left some light, mild, very mild or very minor dull surface marks on some areas. These, again, can only be seen under a strong light. Overall, Very Good condition. The labels are in Excellent condition and show minimal spindle wear only. The blue border company paper inner sleeve is in Very Good condition. It shows light, mild or very mild ringwear, fading creasing. It has no seam splits.
I have play tested this LP in its entirety it plays Very Near Excellent to Excellent overall Excellent in many places. There is some light, very mild or very minor crackle in a few quieter places. There are 2 or 3 light clicks on the 1st track on Side 1. There are a couple of very light clicks at the very end of the 1st track on Side 2. Overall, an Excellent audio copy

Traceable insurance is already included in the stated PP price for this listing
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gt gt Grading Information All grading is very strict adheres to Record Collector specifications. However, I have fine tuned them they are explained below. All vinyl is examined closely under a strong light play tested on excellent quality audio equipment.
MINT Condition This is as perfect a copy as you are likely to find. The cover will show no, or next to no, wear. The vinyl will be unplayed or very, very near unplayed.
NEAR MINT Condition Nearly mint, just slightly under. There maybe some minor paper/ inner sleeve rubs that can barely be seen under strong light. This disc has been played only a few times has been extremely well cared for. The cover is nearly perfect - Very minimal wear only.
EXCELLENT Condition An excellent copy will show only mild, or minor, signs of use. There will be light, or very mild, sleeve rubs that can hardly be seen under strong light. There may be a very small minor hairline mark in some instances. Play, in most cases, will be excellent or better. There may be some light, or very light, crackle in a few quieter places. The sleeve will show mild, or minor, rubbing wear ringwear only.
NEAR EXCELLENT Condition This has been played a few more times but it has been well cared for. There will be mild sleeve rubs which can be seen under a strong light. There may be a couple of minor, or light, hairline marks. Playback will be generally excellent or better. There may be some light, mild or very mild crackle in some quieter places. The cover will show mild rubbing wear, ringwear or creasing
Very Good Condition Most records that have been quite well played, but reasonably well cared for, tend to fit into this category. This is probably the most varied of the gradings so I have elaborated below.
There may be mild to more moderate sleeve rubs which can only be seen under a strong light. There may be a few light hairline marks but nothing too bad. A quite well played but serviceable copy. Playback will be very agreeable overall. There will be light, mild or very mild crackle in some places. There may also be a few light clicks. A more thorough description will always be on the listing. The record will certainly not be trashed
The cover will show more noticeable signs of storage or use. There will be mild to more moderate rubbing wear on some edges There could be fading, ringwear or a minor seam split. There could be some mild creasing or mild sticker tears.
Please note that I also use or - symbols for this grading. A plus symbol is obviously at the top end of Very Good is really not too far from being in Near Excellent condition. The minus symbol obviously means it is at the lower end. This will mean that it is near to being in Good condition.
gt gt Postage Rates

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Please note that there are now VAT import charges from the UK into all EU countries. Anything under 150 Euros will need an IOSS number. VAT is paid at point of sale. For any items over 150 Euros in value. There will be a customs charge too. These vary, I believe, from country to country. Please check your relevant postal service online for details. Please note that these charges are beyond my control and are the law for outside parcels going into the EU.
All records will be sent in high quality vinyl box/ mailers with at least two card stiffeners either side of the LP or 7 Single. I use a cruciform box for larger orders 3-6 LPs . All parcels will be marked Fragile and dispatch time will generally be between 1-3 days after payment.

I will also remove the vinyl from the sleeve place them in a re-sealable polythene sleeve. In order to prevent seam splits. Depending on the inner sleeve I often remove the vinyl from the inner sleeve place it in a separate plain paper, or polythene-lined, plain inner sleeve. I am very conscientious and careful when packaging your LP s .

I consider my postage packaging costs to be very transparent very fair. Packaging costs will generally be between 0.80 to 1.50. I am not adding any further costs for handling, etc...
If you are uncertain about any of the above, or just simply want some information regarding any item, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome any questions.

Remember to check out My Other Items Lots of rare quality vinyl Most are UK 1st Pressings. It is quite likely that there will be more records by this artist, or records in a similar vein.

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