78 Rpm Rare Blues Red Onion Jazz Babies Gennett 5626 With Sleeve E /e

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For your consideration is this rare Gennett record featuring the Red Onion Jazz Babies.
The Red Onion Jazz Babies was an early supergroup of the Jazz Age.
Among its members were Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Lil Hardin and others in the early 1920s.
As it comprised some of the most influential soloists and performers of the era, the group was significant in highlighting the early period of their careers.
This record is a fine example of their talents.
Side A is Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Mornin .
Side B is a rather risque Early Every Morn , Both songs feature Josephine Beatty on vocals, what a fantastic vibrato blues voice she has Tested recently on a portable electric phonograph with a normal to low mass stylus after a thorough cleaning with a discwasher brush .
Side A is relatively free of pops hissing and has nice gloss, There is one shallow, visible barely audible scratch last half of track There are also 3 very shallow inaudible scuff type scratches E- .
Side B is in great condition no pops hisses or scratches.
E Neither side shows any sign of grayness Note: a low mass tonearm/ stylus may produce somewhat different results.
Sound quality is very good and very suitable for recording /archiving.
There is a 1/2 scratch on the B side label.
Side A nice.
All letters legible.
Comes with Gennett sleeve that appears to be original to this record.
Sleeve is a bit dog-eared, and is torn at the bottom, brittle.
Seems there are similar but slightly systems for grading records.
Information used for grading obtained from jazzhound.net is as follows: .E 78 VG LP .
Still very shiny, near new looking, with no visible signs of wear, but a few inaudible scuffs and scratches.
E- 78 VG- LP .
Still shiny but without the lustre of a new record, few light scratches.
LP: Some wear, scratches and scuffs, but no skipped or repeat grooves Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding the record, I will be more than happy to answer them or perhaps take more pis s if requested..
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