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THE MASTER S APPRENTICES A TOAST TO PANAMA RED LP ORIGINAL 1971 LP on the UK REGAL ZONOPHONE label, STEREO SLRZ 1022 COVER IN EXCELLENT shape, real nice VINYL has a slight warp at the start of the album side, didn t do a thing on my turntable, and as you can hear below, it plays a very nice VG to EXCELLENT throughout.
Nice play copy of this MONSTER GRAIL A Toast To Panama Red turned out to be Aussie garage psych legends the Masters Apprentices swan song in 1971.
They went off in style, recording in London s prestigious Abbey Road studios, and the influence shows.
Not only in their Beatlish songwriting Beneath The Sun has a nice circular guitar pattern that makes it sound like an updated-for-the-Seventies version of Dear Prudence but also in their liberal use of the studio s sound effects library.
Specifically the sonic pings, whoops, bells and whistles taking place behind the beautiful No Thyme To Rhyme, an ethereal ballad from one of Ray Bradbury s electronic veldts.
Pink Floyd also recorded at Abbey Road and no doubt raided the same sonic embellishments.
But despite the freakish bulldog-on-brown-acid album cover, this album isn t all trippy freakouts.
Southern Cross is a big hairy guitar rocker s delight, a hotwired electric showcase for wringing out all the Hendrix like riffs you can muster.
And the simple heavy riff that drives The Lesson So Listen is supposed to be a tribute to Robert Fripp the band says so but to me, it sounds more like a loving ode to Norman Greenbaum s Spirit In The Sky than, say, 21st Century Schizoid Man.
The acoustic singalong Love Is is a strummin good instantly likeable treat, and with the added help of some groovy Mariachi horns, sounds like something off Love s Forever Changes, or what the Beatles might ve come up with if they were asked to score a Sergio Leone Western.
Games We Play, meanwhile, is clearly supposed to be the band s major statement a 13-minute epic finale divided into Parts 1 and 2 like they were trying to steal Roger Dean for their next album cover which, admittedly, would be a significant upgrade .
Part 1 starts out with a big heavy mastodon guitar riff which no one could possibly withstand for the entire 13 minute duration, so thankfully things pipe down after a few minutes, and it turns into something that sounds like a folky interlude on a Jethro Tull album.
Part 2 brings back the big doomy apocalyptic backing band again, only this time we get a spoken word recital from Kahlil Gibran not him, of course, but someone in the band reading his poetry.
It all sounds like the Moody Blues if they weren t so damned hippie-dippie all the time.
And even though the band claim none of the panama red they honor was consumed during the recording of this album, I betcha it was consumed en masse on the cab ride to the studio.
Whatever, A Toast To Panama Red is clearly the sound of a band finally living out their dream.
Getting to record in the world s most famous studio, knowing it would be their swan song and laying down the kind of stuff they always wanted to record, charts be damned.
No wonder it s now considered their finest and heaviest moment.
As such, the final track here, No Thyme To Rhyme, becomes their de facto farewell a haunting, solemn sendoff for Aussie s finest.
Using all the pings, zips and birdcalls Abbey Road could offer, they ride off into the sunset like the sonic cowboys they always wanted to be, channeling Syd Barrett and John Lennon on a search for more of that groovy Panama Red.
They didn t last as long as they should ve, but they left us with some great music.
And a freakish, defiant and powerful finale.
What a short, strange trip it s been.
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