Madonna 12 Erotica Uk Picture Disc, Genuine 1992 Release

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28 Aug 2016
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Madonna 12 Erotica UK Picture Disc, Genuine 1992 release Track List Side A, Erotica Album Version Side B1, Erotica Instrumental Side B2, Erotica Radio Edit Record Label: Maverick Manufactured By Orlake Records The picture disc was withdrawn after being pressed by Maverick, as the artwork, Madonna sucking a toe, was too close for comfort to a news story of a royal Sarah Ferguson pictured sucking a toe in a hotel bedroom.
All copies were taken from Orlake, where it was pressed, back to the head office to be destroyed.
But it is rumoured that around 138 exist.
Due to its extreme rarity, this item has been widely bootlegged and so you have to check that the record is genuine.
According to,the main differences in the genuine Erotica picture disc, and the knock-off reproduction: 1 the real Erotica picture disc carries a gold backing card, with the official Madonna/Erotica logo in the top-left corner.
The bootleg disc is missing this backing card.
2 the real Erotica picture disc has a white rectangular box containing its catalog directly below the Maverick Logo on the vinyl itself.
The bootleg disc is missing this box.
3 the real Erotica picture disc has the words Orlake W0138TP sketched on the run-out groove of the vinyl itself, on the inner loop.
The bootleg disc is missing this writing.
4 The original vinyl has about 2 millimeters wide black circle on the edge of vinyl side A.
The fake has about 5 millimeters wide black circle on the edge of vinyl side A.
5 On the run out grooves on side B, only lower part of the letters ...OTI...
of full EROTICA recording area is wide and takes about 2/3 of the record.On the Fake copies the Groove starts around the middle of the record and includes lower part of the letters EROTI...
of full EROTICA .
You can also see pictures of the differences at Postage is estimate only with cost to be finalised when buyer states preference.
Collection available from London WC1 or SE1 and international postage at cost.
If buyer wants to collect then payment by cash only - in which case please don t pay via PayPal.
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