Blur Box Set X 7 180gm Vinyl Lp Record Deluxe New And Sealed

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All seven Blur albums on 180g heavyweight vinyl in original replica sleeves.
Collected together for Blur 21: The Vinyl Box and housed in a hard case, this is the definitive collection of Blur vinyl.One of the most successful and enduring bands the UK has ever produced Blur need no introduction, their 20 UK Top 20 singles and 5 UK No 1 albums speak for themselves.
21 years on from their debut album Leisure, Blur have now come of age and to celebrate this milestone the Blur 21 campaign will present all seven of their studio albums expanded - and the first five remastered - for the first time on 2CD, download and LP, together with a 21 disc super deluxe box set charting the history of one the UK s most important bands.Blur s first five studio albums have now been remastered from the original tapes by Frank Arkwright The Smiths, Arcade Fire, New Order, Joy Division , with the remastering overseen by legendary producer, Stephen Street.
All seven original Blur albums have now been given the space of 2 LPs expect for Leisure which remains a single LP , cut on heavyweight 180 gram, audiophile vinyl and housed in a replica of the original sleeve artwork.All seven vinyl formats of the Blur albums are collected together for Blur 21: The Vinyl Box and housed in a study hard case, presenting the definitive collection of Blur vinyl.LP1 LEISURE Side 11.
She s So High2.
Bang 3.
Slow Down 4.
Repetition 5.
Bad Day6.
Sing Side 21.
There s No Other Way 2.
Fool 3.
Come Together 4.
High Cool 5.
Birthday 6.
For Tomorrow 2.
Advert 3.
Colin Zeal4.
Pressure On Julian Side 21.
Star Shaped 2.
Blue Jeans 3.
Chemical World 4.
Intermission LP3 MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH 2 Side 11.
Sunday Sunday 2.
Oily Water 3.
Miss America4.
Villa Rosie Side 21.
Turn It Up 3.
Resigned 4.
Commercial Break LP4 PARKLIFE 1 Side 11.
Girls and Boys2.
Tracy Jacks 3.
End of a Century Side 21.
Parklife 2.
Bank Holiday 3.
Bad Head 4.
The Debt Collector5.
Far Out LP5 PARKLIFE 2 Side 11.
To the End 2.
London Loves 3.
Trouble in the Message Centre 4.
Clover Over Dover Side 21.
Magic America 2.
Jubilee 3.
This Is a Low 4.
Lot 105LP6 THE GREAT ESCAPE 1 Side 11.
Stereotypes 2.
Country House 3.
Best Days Side 21.
Charmless Man 2.
Fade Away3.
Top Man 4.
The Universal LP7 THE GREAT ESCAPE 2 Side 11.
Mr Robinson s Quango 2.
He Thought of Cars 3.
It Could Be You 4.
Ernold Same Side 21.
Globe Alone 2.
Dan Abnormal 3.
Entertain Me 4.
Yuko and Hiro LP8 BLUR 1 Side 11.
Beetlebum 2.
Song 2 3.
Country Sad Ballad Man 4.
Side 21.
On Your Own 2.
Theme from Retro 3.
You re So Great4.
Death of a Party LP9 BLUR 2 Side 11.
Chinese Bombs 2.
I m Just a Killer for Your Love 3.
Look Inside America 4.
Strange News from Another StarSide 21.
Movin On 2.
Essex Dogs LP10 13 1 Side 11.
Tender 2.
Bugman 3.
Coffee and TV Side 21.
Swamp Song 2.
1992 3.
B.L.U.R.E.M.I LP11 13 2 Side 11.
Battle 2.
Mellow Song 3.
TrailerparkSide 21.
Caramel 2.
Trimm Trabb 3.
No Distance Left to Run 4.
Optigan ILP12 THINK TANK 1 Side 11.
Out of Time3.
Crazy BeatSide 21.
Good Song2.
On the Way to the Club3.
Brothers and SistersLP13 THINK TANK 2 Side 11.
We ve Got a File On You3.
Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club4.
Sweet SongSide 21.
Gene By Gene3.
Battery in Your Leg
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